Winners of Bros vs Bros 5 Deadlift Challenge!

IMAG0311The final Bros vs Pros of the 2010 season was the most exciting and most successful to date, drawing hundreds of people to Gold's Gym in Deer Park, NY.  Title Sponsor SPECIES NUTRITION gave away prize packages to the top 3 women and the top 4 men in each category.  Brian Moss of SHEMUSCLE.COM filmed the women's events, while ALR Industries gave away free Chain'd Reaction Samples.  QUEST PROTEIN BARS were also given away as well as SPECIES, RX MUSCLE and GOLD'S GYM T-shirts to the crowd.  Mr G. was in top form dressed as Santa Claus to provide motivation for the crowd as well as the athletes.  Shawna Mendelson & Big Glen did an outstanding job of judging the event, which made the Bros vs Pros 5 Deadlift Challenge placings easy to determine.



Women's Deadlift Rematch - 185 for reps.

1.  Tazzie Coloumb:  55 reps - $1000.00, Species Gift Package & Set of TUMI Luggage
2.  Christina Lafex:  51 reps - Bose Headphones & Species Gift Package
3.  Melody Melo:  46 reps -  Bodybuilding Book and Species Gift Package
4.  Colette Nelson:  44 reps
5.  Karen Gatto:  42 reps
6.  Kathy Fields:  30 reps
7.  Michelle Cummings:  21 reps


Men's Deadlift Rematch - 405 for reps.

1.  Derek Poundstone:  36 reps - $2000.00 + Species Gift Package
2.  Mark Lertch:  34 reps - Italian Designer Watch + Species Gift Package
3.  Mindis the "Lithuanian  Freak":  31 reps - Species Gift Package
4.  Andrew Wolff:  30 reps - Species Gift Package
4.  Joe Yurkunas:  30 reps - Species Gift Package
5.  David Smith:  28 reps
5.  Lou Costa:  28 reps
5.  Frank Dominguez:  28 reps
6.  James Turner:  26 reps
7.  Masud Mohmood:  24 reps
8.  Lenny Spiro:  23 reps
9.  Bobby Fields:  21 reps
9.  Haris Karimi:  21 reps
10:  Ben White:  20 reps
10:  Justin Miller:  20 reps
11:  Keith Tuzzolino:  19 reps
12:  Mark Tuzzolino:  18 reps
12:  Paul DeFilippis:  18 reps
13.  Jeremy Vasquez:  16 reps
14:  David Barth:  13 reps


The 1 Rep Max Competition was held after the Deadlift Rematch, making it even more exciting with less than half the field of exhausted competitors up to the challenge.  Derek Poundstone ruled the day be sweeping the 2nd event with 3 reps at 765.  Melody Melo won the women's 1 Rep Max Competition with a lift of 435.


To view photos of both events, read the action as it happened , and comment, visit the forum thread Bros vs Pros 5 Deadlift Rematch Photos, Gossip and Results from the Deer Park Gold's Gym!



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