Bros vs Pros 5: Deadlift Rematch is Ready to Roll!


When: Saturday December 11th, 2010 at 2pm EST
Where: Deer Park Golds Gym
Prize Money: $3000




Our now infamous and highly anticipated Bros vs Pros challenges have grown by leaps and bounds over the last 12 months since their humble beginnings when Jeff the Producer (Bro) out-curled IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore to win $1000 cash. And on Saturday December 11th 2010, Bros vs Pros 5: Deadlift Rematch is guaranteed to outshine all its predecessors by a longshot.

The popularity of these strength contests pitting Celebrity Pro vs Average Gym Bro has grown to the degree that the crowds they now draw are legendary!  For Bros vs Pros 5: Deadlift Rematch, we’ll be holding the event at the hardcore, bodybuilder-friendly, Deer Park Gold’s Gym in Deer Park, New York (Long Island); the home of former Mr. Universe Jerry Scalesse.




Bros vs Pros 5 is being sponsored by SPECIES: Evolutionary Nutrition, ALR Industries, SheMuscle.com, and Cardillo Belts. The SPECIES NUTRITION booth will be giving out free CREALYZE (liquid creatine) shots to all competitors and audience members alike to illustrate just how much additional strength and endurance can be garnished from a single serving of their power-packed patented formula. Likewise, ALRI will have free samples available so that all in attendance can test of waters of Author L. Rea’s innovative products, as well. And Brian Moss (former owner of Better Bodies Gym) will be filming the event for his site-- SheMuscle.com-- using all the creativity and innovation at his disposal.




Trust me; you won’t want to miss all the excitement and give-a-ways that’ll be taking place at this year’s carnival-style event.




Bros vs Pros 5 will be a rematch of sorts. The strength event will, once again, be a DEADLIFT challenge for reps.  Bros vs Pros 4 Champions, Christina Lafex and Frank Dominguez will be returning to defend their titles against IFBB Pros Tazzie Colomb and Ben White. Will the “Pros” regain the respect they lost at the last challenge or will the “Bros” defend their titles and snag another $3000 in combined cash prize money? Or will a virtual unknown come out of nowhere and claim the title of Bros vs Pros Champion?


Bros vs Pros 5: Deadlift Rematch will see the women repping out with 185 while the men will be pulling 405lb for as many reps as they can get.  Bros vs Pros 5 will continue in the tradition of Bros vs Pros 4 and will reward $2000 to the men’s champ and $1000 to the women’s champ. Steve Cardillo will also be awarding the men’s champion with a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, Bros vs Pros Championships Belt.


Remember, Bros vs Pros 5 is open to all lifters. If you think you can pull 185 (if you’re a woman) or 405 (if you’re a man) for reps, get your butt down to DEER PARK GOLDS GYM on Saturday December 11th at 2pm EST and see if you have what it takes to become the next Bros vs Pros Champion!


In the men's event, Bros vs Pros II Bench Champ, Powerlifting record-setter, and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben White will be putting his reputation on the line against Bros vs Pros 4 Champion Frank Dominguez.  The deadlift rivalry between these two has been brewing ever since Bros vs Pros 4 was put to rest. According to the newly crowned IFBB Tampa Pro Champion White, who just recently started his diet for the 2011 IFBB Arnold Classic, “Dominguez better bring his A-game cause I’m coming to win this time. No excuses!”


Benwhite FrankDomingues1
IFBB Pro Ben White Dave Interviewing Frank Dominguez


Domingues, Bros vs Pros 4 Men’s Champion and Myrtle Beach firefighter, had this to say about White’s chances of beating him. "I hope Ben is carbed up this time because it's not going to be an easy day. It's going to be an all-out battle. 26 reps won't win it again this time. I promise!"


Not only will White and Dominguez have to contend with each other, but top NPC National-level competitors Juan “Diesel” Morel (who finished 2nd in the HW Class at the 2010 NPC Nationals) and powerhouse Jonathan Delarosa (who finished 2nd in the HW Class at the 2010 NPC USA) will be throwing their hats into the ring in an attempt to win that $2000 as well.


JuanMorel Delarosa
Juan "Diesel" Morel Jonathan Delarosa

In the women's event, IFBB Pro and Powerlifting Champ Tazzie Colomb will be squaring off against Bros vs Pros 4 Women’s Champion Christina Lafex. Can Tazzie defeat the confidant Strongwoman (who’s trained by the legendary Derek Poundstone)?


The reigning champion, Lafex, had this to say about Tazzie Colomb’s maniacal insistence that she’ll defeat her [Lafex]. “She [Tazzie] better start carbing up now if she thinks she’s gonna beat me. If she thought my 52 reps was tough to beat last time, she’s in real trouble. I could have done a lot more!”


TAzzieLift Christina
IFBB Pro Tazzie Colomb Christina Lafex


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, past Woman's Extravaganza Champion, and the 2009 Louisiana State powerlifting record-setter, Tazzie Colomb, is fuming mad over her loss to Lafex at Bros vs Pros 4. In fact, she’s called me at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks confirming the event and asking me to go over the rules with her. Tazzie also loves to repeat the following, “I hate to lose. . . and I love money! I’m not flying up from New Orleans to lose. That girl better bring it!”


Hayley McNeff



In addition to Lafex and Colomb, 2010 NPC Team Universe HW Champ Hayley McNeff is returning and this time she’s not dieting. McNeff seemed to be the fan favorite at Bros vs Pros 4 so she just might have the crowd on her side. 17-year old Melody “Bulldog” Melo is also returning with a vengeance; 1 year older and a hell of a lot stronger. Don’t be surprised if the teen powerlifting phenom shakes up the competition and posts the winning total come game day. To heat up the competition even more, Bros vs Pros III Squat Champion Karen Gatto has decided to throw her powerhouse legs into the fray, as well. All-in-all, the women’s event looks to be our most competitive one yet!


Meloday Gatto
17-Year Old Melody Melo BvPs III Champ Karen Gatto

And don't forget, ANYONE that walks in off the street can enter the competition and compete for the same pile of cash!! This is unprecedented in the industry.  Where else can you show up on a Saturday afternoon and go home thousands of dollars richer just by doing that thing that you love?


Excitedly, most of our entrants are currently in their offseason so we should see some record-setting performances with very little excuses being hurled around.


All I can say is Bros vs Pros 5 is on!

Saturday, December 11th, 2:00 PM, at:




Deer Park Gold’s Gym
41 Mercedes Way
Edgewood , NY 11717
Tel#: 631-586-4653

See you there!

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