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Bros V Pros #11 Waterbury, CT

Bros vs Pros XI: Grudge Match Preview

Christmas time circa 2010, Derek Poundstone bested a roomful of aspiring and perspiring athletes in his first Bros vs Pros contest in New York. Derek was invited back to allow those who lost a bit of faith, to score a bit of redemption when Bros vs Pros rolled into the Windy City last Christmas. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he arrived injured and did not compete. This undoubtedly left skepticism in peoples’ minds; was he truly fallible? As it turned out repeat winner in Mark Lerch flew into the cold southside of Chicago, kicked ass and took home the paycheck and flew right back out the same evening.


Bros Vs Pros 11: Grudge Match Preview- PRO Derek Poundstone vs BRO Mark Lerch

Bros Vs Pros 11: Grudge Match Preview- PRO Derek Poundstone vs BRO Mark Lerch.  Both Champions will square off for the ultimate showdown in Bros vs Pros History.  Who will be crowned the greatest champion ever?




Bros vs Pros XI: Revenge of the Fallen!

Harken back to December 3rd, 2011 at Bros vs Pros IV at Jakked Hardcore Gym outside Chicago. Our Pro for that event was the two time Arnold Strongman Classic and America's Strongest Man winner, Derek Poundstone. Derek was set to show the world how many times and how easily 405lbs could be pulled from the floor. In talking with Derek in the weeks leading up to that event, he equated himself to an Anti-Gravity machine. He told me he was unbeatable. No one person could take away what was rightfully his. Well, Derek didn’t compete that day. He injured his back in training for the Arnold Strongman and proved, he was beatable... unfortunately he defeated himself.


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