Breaking News: Bros vs Pros X in St Louis!

What do you think of when you read the letter "X"? Extreme? XXXL? Vin Diesel? Jenna Jamison? Well, it is now official, there is a new X in our midst....
One of the countries top IFBB contest promoters has contacted Dave Palumbo and me regarding hosting the year's first Bros vs Pros in St Louis. The IFBB St Louis Pro Womens Physique, Pro Fitness & Pro Bikini along with the NPC Midwest Championships and the 2nd Annual RxMuscle.com Model Search will be taking place on Saturday March 17th. The following day, Sunday March 18th, Hydrolyze Ultra will present the 10th installment of Bros vs Pros; more appropriately titled BROS vs PROS X!

In your minds, who would be the most fitting IFBB representative to champion the "pros" at this auspicious event on this very special anniversary? There really could be only one person so befitting to represent the men this go ‘round. How about a massively muscled, top ranked multi-IFBB champion who goes by the name “X Man?” Yes,Tony Freeman will defend the honor of the IFBB Pro men in St Louis!

And just like in Phoenix and Chicago, we'll have some of the hottest, fittest, sexiest women in the fitness industry competing for the coveted title of Bros vs Pros Champion. Thus far, 8 uber hot ladies from the IFBB have made the commitment to compete in St Louis. With Jack Titone at the helm of local marketing, I expect the largest crowd of competitive women in Bros vs Pros history!

Of course we couldn’t do any of this without the help of our sponsors: Hydrolyze Ultra, Precision Peptides, West County Health and Fitness and 1st Phorm Sports Nutrition will make all of this possible.

Stay tuned for further event information, times and exact location as we firm up what appears to be the biggest Bros vs Pros yet!

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