2011 BvP #9 Montgomery, IL

Last Man Standing Update: The Men!



Precision Peptides Bros vs Pros 9, Last Man Standing is without a doubt going to be the Biggest and Baddest event RxMuscle has assembled yet. More IFBB Pro’s than Phoenix, more competitors than Dallas, more lovely women competing than Phoenix, and more industry names than any Bros vs Pros event before!


Bros vs Pros Chicago: Last Man Standing

Official Bros vs Pros 9 Chi-Town: Last Man Standing!

When Dave Palumbo made the decision to take his now infamous Bros vs Pros show on the road, he had his skeptics. Were people interested in seeing IFBB Pros compete alongside average Bros for the title of champion outside very popular locations in New York? The overwhelming response was yes!

2011 started off at Brian Dobson’s Metroflex Gym in Arlington, TX where we saw IPF World Powerlifting Champion Brian Siders arrive in contest shape, unannounced, and lay the smack down on IFBB Pro Any Haman to take the $2,000 cash back home to West Virginia. That event also marked the introduction of the Women’s 2-Event Medley which was won handily by IFBB Pro phenom, Tazzie Colomb.


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