Bros vs Pros 8, Phoenix: Wrapup

While the biggest Bros vs Pros in history is a wrap, the video and photos from the event keep pouring in. Even during the hectic travel schedule that Dave, Sally and Pete have endured, they are finding time to bring you guys the best of the Phoenix weekend. There were some incredible firsts for this show. Besides a record being broken, attendance was at an all time high with more IFBB Pro's in attendance than practically all of the previous shows, combined. The sweltering heat inside the gym brutalized the staff and made the athletes beg for relief, but Josh Barnett had just gotten permits for operation the day before, so he prmoises when he hosts another event, it wont be in August in the Valley of the Sun.

There are so many cool things that happened last weekend it's hard to know where to a start. Frank Nez, a guy with thighs bigger around than they are long, demolished the field of very able athletes and broke IFBB Pro Jose Raymonds record for the 405lb squat with 32. “That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen...” said Troy Alves who was our guest judge in Phoenix. Frank moved like a piston in non-stop form with plenty of depth and plenty of determination in his convincing win and the $2,000 from Rx Muscle. All of that and he now has the bragging rights of beating the Canadian Colossus Mike Van Wyck.

Mikaila Soto, an IFBB Figure competitor who nearly lost her life last year with a serious illness showed up with Krispy Kreme donuts and a huge smile to decimate the other competitors in the Co-Ed challenge. Mikaila who had just competed in the Phoenix Pro Show the previous day came in looking healthy and not depleted to knock out more than 70 reps with 80% of her bodyweight to take an early lead. She had the advantage then of going last for the curl competition. With huge performances by new IFBB Pro Janet Kaufman, NPC Physique competitor Nola Trimble and Rx Girl editor Gail Aeurbach, Mikaila knew exactly how many she needed to knock down to take home the $1,000 first prize; and knock them down she did... Squeezing every last bit of energy from her bulging biceps she did two more reps than she needed to take the win.

There were tons of VIP's in attendance at this event which clearly tells us that everyone wants to be a part of Bros vs Pros. IFBB Pro's Dennis James, Derek Farnsworth, Marcus Haley, Troy Alves, Ann Titone, Janet Kaufman, Mikaila Soto, Amit Sapir, Mike Van Wyck, MD's own George Farrah, Phoenix Pro Promoter and IFBB Pro Stryker Soloman, ASC Pro Strongman Ryan Bakke and trainer extraordinaire Chris Aceto all watched these amazing performances with a fresh understanding of how much these athletes put into this event. Laying on the floor for most of the event, Bill Comstock gave us amazing photography. You can't really portray how incredible these events are through mere words alone. The photos tell the real story of the energy and the personalities that helped push the athletes to their best.

There are so many people to thank for making Bros vs Pros 8 the biggest and best by far. Pete The Intern gave us extraordinary camera work. None of this would have been possible without my sweetheart SallyAnne Taylor who did the vast majority of the background work leading up to and on the day of the event. These two are the unsung hero's of making this event possible. Chris Aceto gave us tremendous play by play with the originator of Bros vs Pros, Dave Palumbo. Josh Barnett worked his tail off to get the final inspections done in time to officially open the doors to his new facility and host this tremendous event. Last but hardly least, Troy Alves who came in for a phototshoot after winning the Phoenix Pro Mens Bodybuilding Championship the night before served as our guest judge for the entire event. Many many thanks to all of these fine folks.

Rx Muscle wants to thank Stryker Soloman for his support and assistance with helping us promote our event. Precision Peptides, who once again was our primary sponsor while Jack Titone of Hydrolyze Ultra for their continued support of our events, Metroflex Gym for providing first rate equipment, Liquid Sun Rayz for their support and creating our own bronze god in Pete The Intern and all 17 athletes who came out to show us what they are made of.

Bros vs Pros (number TBD) in Chicago on December 3rd is a lock. With the number of bodybuilding and powerlifting competitors in the Chicago area, there is a very good chance that Chicago could eclpise Phoenix for the biggest show yet. There is scuttle that there could be another Bros vs Pros added to the schedule before the Chicago event. Those details are yet to be confirmed, but when they are, look right here for more information. Bros vs Pros... We are Nationwide baby!

Final scores:

405 for Reps
1. Frank Nez - 31 reps
2. Shawn Bellon & Mike VanWyck - 25 reps
4. Chris Paluchak - 23 reps
5. Chris Goelz - 15 reps
6. Mike Grill - 13 reps
7. Doug Lang - 11 reps

Co-Ed Medley
1. Mikaila Soto - 133 points
2. Janet Kaufman - 126 points
3. Nola Trinble - 125 points
4. Shawna Pierce - 102 points
5. Joe Franco - 62 points
6. Louis Nasta - 79 points
7. Doug Lang - 74 points
8. John Kretzchmer - 62 points
9. Gail Auerbach - scratch. She had to fly home early and missed the 2nd event.

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