Bros Vs. Pros 21: The Results Are In!!!

Bros vs. Pr4yqeby4eos 21 is in the books and it surely was a sight to see! Hosted LIVE from Reed City Conference Center in Oklahoma on stage at The NPC Showdown of Champions, RX Muscle brings Oklahoma a “curling” showstopper. IFBB Pros Andy Hamon and Carri Baldwin are defeated by gym "bros" Blake Heffley and Mandy Summers . Let’s check out the results of the top 3:

Men-Curled 50% of their body weight
1. Blake Heffley-curled 85lbs for 80 reps
2. Jeff Cooper-125lbs for 65 reps
3. Braden Brown-(did 35% of bodyweight @13 years old!)-65lbs for 105 reps.


Women-Curled 35% of their body weight
1. Mandy Summers-curled 55lbs for 212 reps
2. Amy Hearon-curled 45lbs for 200 reps
3. IFBB Pro Carri Baldwin-curled 55lbs for 160 reps


To view the full event:


Stay tuned for future Bros vs. Pros…coming to a town near you! Will the IFBB Pros ever win?


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