How Do You Light the Fire, When It Seems To Have Gone Out?


Recently I had my best placing to dateflamepic at the IFBB North American Championships. I was so excited and fired up that I decided to do Nationals in November while my momentum was hot! Then a few days later I hit a wall… the kind of wall where you just feel burned out. I’m sure you have all been there and if you haven’t, you will be at some point. I didn’t want to work out; I didn’t want to talk about working out, competing, diets, or write my articles.  I had never felt this way and couldn’t figure out what was up. I just completed the busiest month in my career, gave my personal best at my most recent competition; all while trying to enjoy summer with family and friends.

Sometimes you don’t realize the load you carry until you stop to think about it.  I wanted to write this so when others reach a low point in terms of motivation, you are prepared and have done some thinking in advance, about what will help you get on track again. I talk with so many folks that start out with 110% drive and commitment to reach their goals for a few weeks, and as initial results slow, they reach the point where they lose their focus or even quit.

Let’s work to put a stop to this or at least make it a short-lived low!  I ask you to think about why you got into fitness and health; was it to compete, live healthier, to help others be inspired or let’s be honest; get a little more positive attention from others. The point is to always stay focused on the why and never lose sight of the goals and what you wish to achieve. 

Inspiring others to do great things is why I’ve chosen to health and fitness as my passion and hobby. Looking good is a bonus to a healthy, fit lifestyle, but hearing stories or reading emails about how I helped someone or motivated them to improve their lifestyle is what makes my fire burn. I was recently at the gym and ran into a young guy who always says Hi and has a few questions. He started talking about his shoulder workout, and all I kept thinking was “Man, I need to get out of here!” I decided to change my mindset and listen. Then he began telling me how he was following the diet I recommended for him, had gained 10lbs of good weight as a result, and was so excited about it. He then told me one day he wants to compete like me and so do his buddies. He was so happy to run into me and show me his progress and get my feedback.  He didn’t realize it, but he just inspired me to be better! Talking to him almost brought a tear to my eye and reminded me what’s important to me and why I need to snap out of it!

 I feel a great deal of clarity and look forward to continuing on my path to IFBB Pro status while continuing to help others along the way. I want to thank those who allow me to inspire them, and thank the people who inspire me daily. Take time to reach out and thank the ones who inspire you to be great and thank the folks who allow you to inspire them. Keep those fires of motivation and inspiration burning out of control!

Adam Lamb - Coach, Competitor, Difference maker

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