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How GlutamineComplex300do you recover from a hard gym session? If you are not recovering after a single workout session then this will impact you in the short term, it's when you are seeing this regularly that it really becomes an issue in and outside of the gym. One of my solutions to recovery is the supplement L-glutamine
L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acids found in human muscle and plasma and over 60% of the free-floating amino acid pool in skeletal muscle cells is made up of L-glutamine. It is also a primary nitrogen donor, meaning that it moves the nitrogen around in the body to where it is needed as maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is absolutely necessary for muscle building.
If you supplement your diet with oral glutamine, you can help prevent your energy levels from dipping low on an ongoing basis, potentially reducing the risk of overtraining.  Every time you go into the gym and perform a hard workout, your immune system is going to take a hit, especially if you are performing hard weight lifting workouts or HIIT cardio sessions as this can be incredibly demanding on the body from both a muscular sense as well as from a central nervous system point of view.
If the immune system isn’t running as it should then you will be prone to infection and disease, and this will impact your training even more so. It has been suggested that supplementing your diet with glutamine after intense exhaustive exercise can enhance the ability of the immune system to deal with the stress of regular training
The usual dose recommended is 4000-5000 mg anywhere from 1-3 times daily between meals and even before going to sleep
To roundup:Glutamine
Adding a dose of glutamine to your post-workout drink can speed up the recovery process.  Glutamine is an effective tool for increasing workout performance and recovery.
Other benefits if glutamine:
 Glutamine is important for the synthesis of glutathione (an essential anti-oxidant) in the liver.
 Adequate Glutamine helps to protect the lungs from toxicity
 Glutamine is needed for RNA (Genetic messenger material) synthesis
 Essential for the synthesis of Vitamin B3 .

If l-glutamine isn’t helping with your recovery there may be other factors effect such as:


Sleep is the ultimate way to aid the body in physical recovery, and during sleep the body secretes hormones responsible for tissue growth and repair and during the first 2 hours of sleep your body will secrete the greatest amount of GH (Growth Hormone), compared to any other time in the day

If you are suffering from severe muscle soreness then one way to help with this is by taking an ice bath or water therapy where you alternate hot and cold showers, the theory is that this will help constrict the dilating blood vessels and will help flush out the waste products in the muscle tissue.

In Summary, apply the mentioned principles and add glutamine to get the most out of your training without suffering from overtraining.

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