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Deandre20131012 205651 Deans, MPD Dynamo!

Congrats on a great showing!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

I’ve always competed in sports but I was also a skinny kid. I decided about six years ago to start lifting seriously. Since I was putting the work in at the gym and a few people telling me I should compete I decided to give it a shot. And I’m so happy I made that choice.

Can you tell us a little about the competition in which you just competed?

I just did the GNC Northern Colorado Open. It was an awesome show with a lot of great looking guys. The competition was good we had one of the biggest classes in my division (class C) which was 13 competitors.

How did you feel after pre-judging?

I felt happy because I knew I would be getting a steak at noon. LOL But really I felt good, I felt calm and comfortable. I knew I trained hard and all I could do was try my best so that’s what I did.

How did you feel about the final results of the show?

I felt absolutely amazing. I’m like, WOW! lol Four weeks prior to the show I spent a day and a half in the hospital due to acute pancreatitis. So after I heard my name for 1st and overall I was so happy and overjoyed. Such an amazing feeling!

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?

I think Men’s Physique is an awesome division. To me it’s trying to create a physique that is sought after by most people. Good muscle size, aesthetics, conditioning, but not easily attainable. As for my career I’m just hoping to get my name and face out there. Who knows maybe someone will give me a shot. Fingers crossed.

Age: deandre deans28

Hometown: Alexandria, Louisiana

Current city: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Years training: 6 years, weights; 1 year, Men’s Physique

Education: Associates Biology

Occupation: CCHT (certified clinical hemo technician)

Favorite type of training: Old school pick-it-up-throw-it-around good heavy lifting

Favorite body part to train: Love to train back and triceps

Favorite exercise: It’s a love-hate relationship, but skull crushers would be my favorite.

Rep range: Depends on the body part, but never less than 10. Some reps may reach 20.

Number of sets: This also depends on the body parts but usually 4-6 sets. That includes a drop set though.

Typical workout duration: About 2 hours including cardio.

Training split:

Monday: back, biceps, calves

Tuesday: shoulders, chest, triceps

Wednesday: legs

Thursday and Friday: same as Monday and Tuesday

Saturday: lighter legs (Just a little lighter.)


Typical daily eating plan:

Meal 1: egg whites and oatmeal

Meal 2: 5oz lean meat and yams

Meal 3: 6oz chicken and broccoli

Meal 4: 4oz lean meat and yams

Meal 5: protein shake, about 30-40 grams protein

Meal 6: 6oz lean meat rice and asparagus


Favorite supplement:thumb Dymatize Iso 100… This stuff rocks!

What peaked your interest in training?

I got tired of being a skinny guy and I wanted big arms.

Who influences/influenced your training?

What influences my training is my two beautiful baby girls. Adrianna, 5, and Lahaila, 21 months. I want them to be proud of me and be happy to say that’s my daddy up there. My 5-year-old came to this last show and to see how happy she was that I won motivates me more than anything. Love my babies.

Sports: Football, Basketball, Track, Karate

Special interests: Xbox, of course, paintball (speedball), time with my girls, movies (action, horror), and having fun.

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history:

GNC Southern Colorado Natural: 3rd in Novice, 1st in Open

GNC Northern Colorado Natural Open:1st in Open class C and Overall Open winner

Awards and/or accomplishments:

State champion HS track

2x National karate champion

Next planned competition:

I plan on competing in May of 2014 in Jr. Nationals. I know there’s going to be a lot of great looking guys and some stiff competition but I’m already excited and I’m going to train and stay focused and ready for that day.

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?

My girls, all the people who believe in me, and the chance to actually be on a National-level stage. That was once a dream, now it’s become a realistic goal. For the people who said I couldn’t do it or didn’t think I could… here I am!

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:

I’m a 1st degree black belt in Universal kempo-karate. And on a nerdy level I want to try cosplay, it looks fun.

Favorite Quote: “No weapons formed against me shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17

“A dream is only a dream until you breathe life into it.”

“I don’t wish for an easy life, but the strength to endure a hard one.”

Website and Facebook:

Deandre tha-beast Deans/facebook.com

Contact Information you would like published: [email protected]

Deandre tha-beast Deans/facebook.com

I would like to thank any and everyone who took the time to read this. This is truly an honor and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to do something like this. Special thanks to Derek Trombetta for making this possible and thanks to all my friends and family that believed in me.


Thank you for your time and helping to spread the word of Men’s Physique!

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