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"Your002 past doesn’t have to be your future!" -Francisco Colon

Joining us today is Francisco Colon.  Congrats on a great showing!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

What made me start competing was actually the pain of losing a dream.  I was a National Team/ and Collegiate soccer player with the intentions of turning pro.  Unexpected and horrific injuries soon followed.  I had fallen into what thousands of athletes suffer from and that’s that loss of self-identity.  

I fell into a depressive state when I knew my dreams and goals were over.  I was always active in the weight room and ever since Men’s Physique was created, I was contemplating giving it a try.  In the beginning I didn’t have the will to do so.  After time had passed I convinced myself to give it a try.  

Sure enough even though I didn’t place top 5 in my first show, I felt that feeling I had before.  I could become something or someone in this sport. I could rebuild an image that was tainted, and create a new identity, new goals, and a new dream.  

The pain from my past was a shadow of the pleasure I now receive from competing in this Men’s Physique division and the NPC.

Can you tell us a little about the show in which you most recently competed?  

My most recent contest was Team Universe in New Jersey, my first national show.  I placed 4th.  Top 5 in my first national show is something to be proud about.  I am very blessed and humbled to receive that placing.

How did you feel after pre-judging?

After pre-judging I felt extremely confident.  I was first call out and moved right next to the center competitor.  After stepping on stage I knew I was in the battle for potentially top 3.  Stuck to my plan and stayed focused for the night show.

How did you feel about the final results of the show?

After results were final and I ended up walking away placing 4th, I was a little upset.  Thought I was deserving of top 3 but all in all I placed top 5 in my first national show and that alone was a huge achievement.  Just coming up short by 2 spots to earn a pro card hurts but it fuels a desire to come back next show and make it a reality.

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?

I think Men’s Physique is a great category for the NPC and IFBB to have.  It has blown up during the past couple of years and on the rise still.  It appeals to more the average population but still reaches the hard core fans.  It’s more marketable not only in fitness but in fashion or entertainment.  If you play your cards right you can have unlimited avenues of success outside just competing.

Age:1010843 10201365494439980 1232003525 n 23

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Current city: Lutz, FL

Years training: 2 years

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Radiology from the University Of South Florida

Certified IFPA Personal Trainer

Occupation: CT (CAT scan Tech)

Favorite type of training: Circuit Training, High Intensity

Favorite body part to train: Shoulders/Delts

Favorite exercise:   DB Side Lateral Raises

Rep range: 8-10 heavy, 15-20 moderate

Number of sets: 4

Typical workout duration:  hour and 25 minutes.

Training split:  I currently am on a 5 day training split.

Typical daily eating plan:  8 meals a day, steadily decreasing of carbs throughout the day.  My week consists of two high, two medium and three low carb days for prep.

Favorite supplement:  ALLMAX Nutrition Amino Core Cherry Lime Flavor

What peaked your interest in training?

Just having the athletic history I did made me always love training.  Even after multiple injuries and surgeries I still was in the weight room doing what I loved most.  Training is and forever will be my greatest job.

Who influences/influenced your training? 

First and foremost would have to be just my inner mental state of mind, how self-disciplined and self-motivated I am.  I would be nowhere without the influence of my family and friends.  Last but not least, I would have to say even though I compete in Men’s Physique I found my motivation to always be from bodybuilders.  

To this day bodybuilding still Influences my training and day to day motivation, whether it is the philosophical Kai Greene or the giant killer, Flew Lewis.  Those two definitely influence me a lot.  Sadik Hadzovic and Michael Anderson are two guys I admire in this industry as well.

Sports:  Men’s Collegiate and Puerto Rican National team soccer player

Special interests:  Sports, nutrition, health, modeling and acting.

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history:

Started competing June 2012.

Tampa Bay Classic – 6th

Mid Florida Classic – 5th

Southeastern USA (National Qualifier) – 6th

All South Championships (National Qualifier) – 1st

Team Universe 2013 Nationals – 4th

Awards 486820 126500564164373 2079770613 nand/or accomplishments: 

1st Place All South Championships

4th Place Team Universe

Next planned competition:

Currently prepping for North Americans in Pennsylvania on August 30th to 31st

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals? 

My Journey.  The path I have taken to get where I am.  The brutal tolls that I have had to pay created the success I have currently reached.  That Journey of knowing where I’ve been and knowing what I’m about to become.

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:

You ask me where I’m from. You ask me what my nationality is.  You bring up moments when you were a child, not knowing I was an orphan.  You ask me questions I have no answers to.  My childhood is a mystery.  No loved ones, no place to call home, just a child looking for hope.  

For the first nine years of my life, I was a kid treated like a package constantly being rejected and sent to another place.  When your whole life, everything you taught yourself.  When the world shows no pity on a child, and a child holds no life.  Nothing to smile about, no love to embrace, just a place he will know for six months before he gets shipped somewhere new.

This was my life for the first 10 years. No great childhood memories, no birthdays, no friends, no family.  My life had been a blank piece of paper that nobody wanted to write on.  A book never written, a story not worth telling, but one day a family picked up that pen that was resting on that blank page and started writing. Started writing of a life this young boy deserved to live.  

They scooped me up and brought me into a world unknown.  A world I had hoped for, a feeling that left me numb.  I finally belonged to something, was important to someone.  My life would only kick-start from there. If you take anything away from this, it is the past doesn’t have to be your future.  Have patience, hold on to hope and believe that anything is possible.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Fcolon26

Contact information:  [email protected]

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