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Congrats0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 on a great showing!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

Well, it started a few years ago in the gym when a few fellow gym mates told me I should compete. I was always like, no, maybe next year. Well, this year I was walking up the stairs at my gym and saw some guys in the aerobics room. I thought to myself, “What’s this all about?” As I approached the room it was a group of guys posing for their up and coming competition. I was then told by another spectator that I should compete. At this point I thought “Why not?” So then I finally competed for my first time at the Colorado Northern Show where I won Overall in Novice and Open.

Can you tell us a little about the Competition in which you just competed?

This past show at Colorado State was a show that I really wanted under my belt. I felt confident going into the show. Not only because I had past experience but because I was mentally in the game.

How did you feel after pre-judging?

After pre-judging I felt great. I always find myself to be worried before the judging starts. But once I step foot on that floor, I know the butterflies have to be put away. I feel that the judges can see right through you at first sight. So knowing that I gave it my all, I leave the stage with my head held high.

How did you feel about the final results of the show?

I felt awesome after the final results of the show. I felt like my leadership skills were there and I felt that everyone showed great sportsmanship. I could not have asked for a better night of competition.

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?

I love Men’s Physique. It’s a new sport for me and it teaches me how to better myself not only in the gym but outside of it as well. I feel that Men’s Physique would take my career to the next level with modeling and being a role model for other people.

Age: 3100000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Current city: Aurora

Years training: 11 years weight training, 14 years Tae Kwon Do

Education:  Associates Degree

Occupation: Massage Therapist

Favorite type of training: Weight Training

Favorite body part to train: Arms

Favorite exercise: Triceps Extensions

Rep range: 12/15

Number of sets: ¾

Typical workout duration: Two muscle groups, 1.5 hours total.

Training split: 2/3 days on, one day off.

Typical daily eating plan: Varies.

Favorite supplement: Whey Protein, Milk Chocolate with Peanut butter.

What peaked your interest in training?

What has peaked my interest lately has to be the sight of becoming a professional in Men’s Physique.

Who influences/influenced your training? 

I have always been a self-induced motivator. I have never lacked in wanting to better myself when it came to my physical wellbeing.


Football, basketball, martial arts, tumbling, soccer, baseball and BMX.

Special interests:

I have a special interest in Tae Kwon Do (martial arts). I received my black belt in 1999.

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history:

I used to compete in multiple martial arts tournaments. For years I was the talk of the Tae Kwon Do world here in Colorado. Those times were great and as I’ve gotten older I decided that I wanted more out of myself, so I began weight training.

Awards and/or accomplishments:

I won many 1st place awards. I also skipped two belts because of how advanced I was in my skills of training in Tae Kwon Do. And I’ve had the rewards of helping other students and being a great role model.

Next planned competition:

My next planed competition would be this November in Florida at the National level.

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?

My athletic thought process keeps me motivated and focused on getting to the next level.

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:

I love to get to know other people and answer any questions they may have about fitness and how they can obtain their goals.

Favorite Quote:00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Nothing to it but to do It!

Website and Facebook:

My Facebook is found by using James Hill or by email [email protected] 

Contact Information:

Facebook (James Hill) and [email protected]


Thank you for your time and helping to spread the word of Men’s Physique! 

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