The Key to Success, direct from the Editor

Visiting Men’s Physique is a clear sign you wish to push your body to its full potential. For 18 years that is exactly what I have been working towards as well. Always search for the ultimate knowledge in creating an aesthetic, powerful, and balanced body. My search has taken place in the form of studies by book, training with fitness experts, and years of hands on iron experience. This pursuit has taught me many valuable lessons that transcend the gym. These lessons and successes in creating a better physique have the ability to educate each and every one of us how to succeed in life.

The challenge in the weight room is a daily fight. Every day you either get a little better or a little worse. The choice is yours. Choose to get better every day. In Japan there is a word for this small continual improvement: Kaizen. Kaizen is the key to success in the weight room as well as in life. Though there seem to be many “overnight successes,” upon further review you will see that countless hours of practice went into preparing for the “moment” success was finally realized. In actuality, the vast majority of large success comes from many small steps towards a major goal. Our successes in the gym can be the impetus from which we grow to create our larger more grandiose successes in everyday life.

I am honored to have this opportunity as Editor in Chief of Men’s Physique to bring you the best physiques, minds, and training principles the world has to offer. Today the choice is yours: Are you going to slide backwards or are you going to take a step forward? I invite and challenge you to peruse our site and apply the principles you learn. Dare yourself to take that small step forward EVERY DAY. You will be amazed at how far you will go and how large a dream you can accomplish.



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