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With us todayDSC 1857 FGCCAZGFUT is Men’s Physique competitor, 28-year-old Chris Freeman originally from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  He currently calls San Antonio, Texas, his home.

Congrats Chris on a great showing!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division? 

I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself and I’ve always loved sports and working out.  At the time, I had just started CrossFit and my coach was pushing me to do a Physique show. I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure I had the right physique for competing.  I had always eaten whatever I wanted and maintained relatively fit, but I had never looked like the guys in the competition pictures.  I decided to commit to a competition diet, and soon after, I discovered a physique I never thought possible.

Can you tell us a little about the show in which you most recently competed?

November 2013, NPC Texas State in Houston, Texas. This was my fifth show and I competed in the Men’s Physique open Class A division.  Here, I won my division and re-qualified for national competition.  This one was special for me because I also got to do the show alongside my girlfriend, IFBB Bikini Pro Marcela Cabral, as she received her national qualification in only her second show.

How did you feel after pre-judging?

I remember I was excited to be in the first call out, however I was unsure of where my placing stood.  In my previous shows, the person who won 1st in their class was usually moved to the center spot in the first call out.  At this show, I was near the end of the line-up of the first call out. Based off this, I was definitely surprised when I was awarded 1st place at the evening show.

How did you feel about the final results of the show?

I was definitely thankful for winning my class.  However the competitor in me would have been more gratified with winning the overall.  This has driven me to work harder in bringing a better physique to Team Universe this summer.

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?

I love the fitness goal that Men’s Physique offers to the average guy.  Though it still requires ample hard work and discipline, the Men’s Physique look is very attainable. The division inspires guys to reach a level of fitness needed for competition ultimately resulting in a healthier way of life. 

Currently, my career is in healthcare, more specifically pharmacy.  I will be receiving my doctorate of pharmacy degree in May 2014.  My goal is to design a lifestyle modification program to help people better manage their drug regimens and disease states. In this program, fitness and diet will play a key role.  I feel that competing at a high level in the Men’s Physique Division enables me to better inspire others to make this type of lifestyle change.

Years training:DSC 1859 KYFBMTKRXY I started lifting when I was about 14 but became more serious about it at age 20. 

Education: University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) – B.S. in biology, 2008.  University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) – PharmD, 2014.

Occupation: pharmacist intern

Favorite type of training: weightlifting, HIIT

Favorite body part to train: shoulders

Favorite exercise: Dumbbell side lateral raise drop sets.

Rep range: 8-12 reps

Number of sets: 3-4 sets

Typical workout duration~1.5 hours

Training split:

Day 1: chest, biceps, and abs.

Day 2: back, triceps, and calves

Day 3: shoulders, traps, abs

Day 4: quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 5: rest

Day 6: shoulders, traps, abs

Day 7: rest

I do cardio 3-4 times a week either in the morning for 30-45 min (inclined walk), or post-workout for 15-20 minutes (stair stepper).

Typical daily eating plan:

Breakfast: Extra lean turkey/egg white muffin with raw oat oatmeal mixed with ½ scoop of Pureline Nutrition strawberry whey protein isolate. 

Lunch 1 & 2: grilled chicken w/ rice/asparagus.

Post workout: Pureline Nutrition’s strawberry Isofactor-1 isolate mixed with their chocolate Whey Factor-1 protein, and vanilla Glycosurge waxy maize. 

Dinner 1: grilled chicken w/ sweet potato/ spinach.

Dinner 2: tilapia/asparagus/ almonds or chocolate Whey Factor-1 w/ rice cake & peanut butter.

Snacks:  The Protein Cookie Company cookies! Usually oatmeal raisin or trail mix.

Favorite supplement: Pureline Nutrition Isofactor-1 hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (both strawberry and chocolate are delicious)

What peaked your interest in training?JAP (2374 of 806)

The increased strength and athleticism was definitely a catalyst at a young age.  However, my interest peaked when I became more knowledgeable about diet and health.

Who influences/influenced your training?

My girlfriend, Marcela, is a big influence.  She supports and motivates me in all aspects of my life.  My good friend and training partner, Jason Beauchamp, not only pushes me to test my limits in the gym, but he also helps critique the areas in which I need to improve.  My sponsors, Pureline Nutrition and the Protein Cookie Company, fuel me with some of the best nutritional products in both quality and taste.

Sports: I love basketball, and also did wrestling and football growing up. 

Favorite basketball team: San Antonio Spurs

Favorite football team: Dallas Cowboys

Special interests: family, healthcare, drug compounding, fitness, pharmacology, traveling, business ownership

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history:

NPC Men’s Physique

July 2012 – Laredo, TX – Rock Extravaganza – Overall winner

Aug 2012 – Dallas, TX – Europa Super Show – Class A 1st place, Overall winner

Nov 2012 – Atlanta, GA – Nationals, Class A, 8th place

Aug 2013 – San Antonio, TX – South Texas Showdown, Class A 1st place, Overall winner

Nov 2013 – Houston, TX – Texas State – Class A 1st place

Awards and/or accomplishments: I was the vice president of my pharmacy school’s Rho Chi honor society.  I was awarded the opportunity to do my final PharmD rotation in Brazil with the pharmaceutical company Prati-Donaduzzi, all expenses paid.  I graduated cum laude from UTSA and will be graduating magna cum laude from UIW.

Next planned competition: 2014 Team Universe

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?

God, my inner drive, family, challenge, my life goals, opportunity.

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:

Currently learning Portuguese.

Website and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ccfreeman210

Instagram: @freemanfit

Contact: [email protected]



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