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Lee Priest on Ramy: No Excuses :: Iron Debate (Olympia Wrap-Up)

big ramy arnold classic europeLee Priest and King Kamali join Dave Palumbo to wrap up the 2017 Olympia on Iron Debate (powered by Yamamoto Nutrition).

Priest goes on record saying that Big Ramy has no excuses not to come into any show in the best shape and conditioning, given the lavish resources and support system he has at his disposal at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait.

King Kamali gives us his "I told you so's" about what he saw going down in Vegas, including Chris Bumstead putting on a strong showing (Bumstead would finish 2nd in the Classic Physique division).

Dave Palumbo offers clarity on the recent split between the IFBB Pro League and the IFBB Amateur League, and what ramifications that has for competitors looking for their pro cards.

It's Iron Debate on RXMuscle.com.

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