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IRON DEBATE: Gurumania 2 - OLYMPIA PREDICTIONS - featuring Chad Nicholls Tuesday 4:45 (ET)

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Four of the bodybuilding world's brightest minds, Chad Nicholls, Chris Aceto, John Romano, and Dave Palumbo weigh in on their predictions for the 2016 Olympia.

Can anyone dethrone Phil Heath? Will Shawn Rhoden be the most qualified to end Heath's 5-year reign at the top of the bodybuilding world? Who will be the biggest surprise of the weekend after the dust settles in Las Vegas?

Plus, was 10 x Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle disrespected by the organizers of the Rising Phoenix World Championships?

It's GuruMania2, on RXMuscle.com, powered by ScitecNutrition.com.

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