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Iron Debate Special Olympia Edition

IronDebate-live-sept11-2014-thumbJoin the RxMuscle crew of Chris Aceto, Dave Palumbo and Tad "The Diet Coach" Inoue Thursday night at 7 pm Eastern when the Iron Debate team tackles the Olympia questions everyone wants to know:

1.) Will Phil Heath win the Olympia ? Why ?

2.) Can Kai Greene bring his BEST to the Olympia Stage ?

3.) Big Ramy - will he be boom or bust at the Olympia ? Where do you think he'll finish ?

4.) Women's Physique - will Dana Lynn Bailey retain her title, or, will Juliana Malacarney win and become the new standard in women's physique?

5.) Will Marc Anthony retain his Men's Physique title, or, will Sadik Hadzovic or Jason Poston win dethrone him ?

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Iron Debate 4: Rich Piana UNCENSORED! Plus Live Q&A!

PianaPromoFCIron Debate 3: Rich Piana UNCENSORED! Plus Live Q&A!


Iron Debate 3: Bostin Lloyd vs Chris Aceto vs Dave Palumbo!

irondebatereplay frontpagesliderPromoted to be Rich Piana's show .... but at the very last minute...when Rich was MIA ....Mr. 3 CC Bostin Lloyd tags in and joins Iron Debate!


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