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Iron Debate with JM Manion

jmmanion-idJ.M. Manion is CONFIRMED to enter RXMuscle's Iron Debate - this Wednesday night at 7:30 pm (EST) on RXMuscle.com.

J.M. will take on Chris Aceto, with Dave Palumbo on the final word.

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Shawn Rhoden on Iron Debate


Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden joins Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto on Iron Debate!

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Gregg Valentino & Joe Pietaro on Iron Debate

IronDebategreggandjoe-slider#WHYCUTBACK?  Gregg Valentino and Joe Pietaro are confirmed for IRON DEBATE Tuesday night at 8pm EST!

Don't miss this special edition of Iron Debate where we will undoubtedly get the inside scoop on the crazy happenings in the bodybuilding publishing industry!

Watch Iron Debate

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