Sadik Hadzovic Wants Classic Physique Olympia Title (Powered by Yamamoto)

Sadik Hadzovic, top-3 finisher at the 2017 Classic Physique Olympia, speaks to Dave Palumbo at the 2017 FIBO Power expo.

Hadzovic, switched over to classic physique after two consecutive runner-up finishes in the men's physique Olympia division (won the 2015 Arnold Classic men's physique title), talks about how the difference in his approach for this year's Olympia - as opposed to the first go-around last year.

It's Sadik Hadzovic at the FIBO Power Expo, on RXMuscle.com. RXMuscle's coverage of the 2017 FIBO Power Expo is powered by Yamamoto Nutrition.

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