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Super Secret Surprise Show: Heavy Muscle TV

last live show from new york rxmuscle studios

The last ever live studio show at the RXMuscle New York studios!

Dave Palumbo, Johnny Styles, and family will be trekking down to Florida this weekend to begin the next chapters of their lives.

See appearances from :

Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia
Gregg Valentino
IFBB Pro Akim Williams
3 x Ms. Physique Olympia Juliana Malacarne
IFBB Classic Physique Pro Arash Rahbar
Bader Boodai
Aaron Singerman
IFBB Men's Physique Pro Lorenzo Orozco
Tenille Ray
IFBB 212 Pro Guy Cisterino
IFBB 212 Pro Jose Raymond
John Romano
Colette Nelson
Lee Penman

While RXMuscle.com will continue in providing high quality bodybuilding content, it will be out of the new Florida studios.

(...yes, Sid will still be on from the new RXMuscle New York studios).

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