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2011 America's Strongest Man Review


While this year's Americas Strongest Man has come and gone, the lasting impressions of the athletes certainly have not. With tremendous performances by a few athletes making their Pro debut to the grizzled veterans showing the young bucks they still “got game”. The American record in the Axle Clean and Press was broken by a guy who only competes in strongman part time and the production value for the fans in Hot Springs, Arkansas was second to none.

Those familiar with strongman or any weight lifting sport know that equipment breaks, athletes wander off, fans get into areas of the event that they shouldnt be, amongst other potential pitfalls. The production team from American Strongman Corporation, the organization responsible for the August 5th and 6th event, set forth a perfectly executed extravaganza. The fans at the Summit Arena were engaged and engrossed in the physical accomplishments these athletes could do. They were even more impressed by how the athletes were showcased and individualized in a way that gave each athlete their own time to shine.







2011 America's Strongest Man Axle - Video of All Competitors

2011 America's Strongest Man Axle - Video of All Competitors. An Rx Muscle Exclusive!



2011 America's Strongest Man Competitors List

Hot Springs, Arkansas – With less then 3 weeks to go the ASM 2011 competitor list is growing.

The question on everyone’s mind is will there be a new America’s Strongest Man in 2011? The confirmed list has 15 athletes so far and they will be competing for the largest prize package in ASC history. “The total prize value is $25,000K which includes $15K in cash awards,” said ASC President Dione Wessels, “Athletes will have meals and hotel rooms paid for and the winners will receive prize money payments at the show.”


Dr. Craig Banks Talks Chiropractic and About Orthotics at the 2011 Arnold Expo!

Dr. Craig Banks Talks Chiropractic and About Orthotics at the 2011 Arnold Expo!



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