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Arnold Strongman Speculation - It's All We've Got!





Arnold Classic To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

The Arnold Classic will celebrate its 25th Anniversary during the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival by honoring all former past winners of the men’s professional bodybuilding championships named in honor of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the sport’s greatest champion.
Four-time winner Flex Wheeler, three-time champion Jay Cutler and 2001 champ Ronnie Coleman will headline the former Arnold Classic champions who will return to the Veterans Memorial stage on Saturday, March 2. Also returning will be two-time winners Kevin Levrone, Kai Greene and Branch Warren, inaugural champion Rich Gaspari, and Mike Ashley, Shawn Ray, Vince Taylor, Michael Francois, Nasser El Sonbaty and Victor Martinez.


Arnold Classic Cop Outs

Arnold handshakeBy now we have all seen the list of competitors set to square off in Columbus, Ohio in 2 months. Missing from the men’s list are Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Evan Centopani, Shawn Rhoden, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath. I can understand why Kai, Jay, and Phil aren’t competing. Jay enjoys the spotlight of the Mr. Olympia and certainly doesn’t want to risk potentially losing at the Arnold on his first show back from injury.


Arnold Strongman Classic Competitors



 The announcement is not yet official, but the ten invitees to the Arnold Strongman Classic have been known for a few weeks now. None of the invites are truly surprising, but there is a little “hhmmmm” factor to consider. Coupled with the announcement that the 2012 ASC champion Mike Jenkins is sitting the 2013 version out due to a surgical knee issue, we have a field of nine. No announcement has been made as to who will fill the number ten slot, but those in the know are hoping to see tradition return.


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