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5:11 - Negative affects of primo over "annie" and "winnie" in women.
8:01 - Macros for women (protein, fats, carbs).
9:48 - Will Phil Heath compete this year? What does he need to change in order to beat Shawn Rhoden?
12:30 - Weaker body parts: more volume? More intensity? More rest/recovery instead?
14:00 - Thoughts on Ben Pakulski's style cyclical bulking?
16:00 - Site injection oils: which to use? Which are safe to use?
19:14 - Thoughts on saunas to lose water weight.
20:44 - Volume for width exercises vs thickening exercises.
22:44 - How to boost insulin sensitivity and keep it optimal.
24:53 - Off-day nutrition protocol. Does Dave recommend manipulating training day calories?
26:23 - GH is too expensive for most, "EmKay677" is the next best thing. Thoughts?
28:17 - "Bolix"/TRT for optimal growth.
31:00 - Is eating rice the best way to go for carbs during prep?
32:21 - Of the hundreds of different training programs, what does Dave use for his clients, and what he do during his career?

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