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avoiding plateaus


4:25 - TEST for a 40 year old women.
7:57 - With lactose/GI problem, will it affect nutrient absorption?
10:55 - Does Dave have experience (and thoughts) on colostrum?
13:33 - What's behind recent injuries to well known bodybuilders?
15:33 - What to eat after pre-judging?
17:15 - Does caffeine absorption have any relation with acidity in the beverage (cold to hot)?
18:36 - "eye-jee-eff-1-ell-are-three" be used pre-contest for fat loss?
19:53 - Out of Kevin Levrone and Ronnie Coleman, who was more genetically gifted? Would Levrone have beaten Coleman if he trained year round?
21:02 - What is the real secret of not hitting a plateau?
22:21 - Doctor won't prescribe blood pressure meds, says I'm too young. What are the alternatives?
22:58 - Is there some synergistic negative affect between GEAR and blood pressure medications?
24:22 - At what point is it necessary to incorporate GH...Sub-Q or IM?
25:51 - Where is John Romano? Why hasn't he been on Iron Rage lately?
26:59 - Was nubain the catalyst for bodybuilders training harder in the 90's? Did African American bodybuilders use nubain too?
29:12 - Needs for running a cycle?
31:28 - Thoughts on SEE-BEE-DEE for a recovery supplement?
32:57 - Today, it seems bodybuilders are eating less (than in the 90's), yet they claim to still be growing?
34:01 - 17 year old considering taking GEAR, is there any turning back?

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