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Mike Johnston - PSST! 9. Log Press Pt II



Efficiency and power are two prerequisites for an effective and massive overhead press. Add in the sheer bulkiness and girth of a log in strongman and it all becomes a new challenge. Mikey J breaks down the efficiency of technique, technique and strength and then technique, strength and brute size and power in the 9th edition of PSST!


Tom Emelander, Runner Up at Sultans of Squat 7 in Houston



2013branchemelanderTom Emelander took the runner up spot with an 804.5lb deadlift at the Sultans of Squat 7 Hardcore Powerlifting event at the NPC Branch Warren Classic in Houston.


Kevin Nee Mounting a Strongman Comeback?



When the 20 year old Arizona State University strongman took the world by storm a few years back, people wondered, how far can this kid go? After a few injuries and battling some personal demons, it appears that the kevin we all knew was in there, is making his way back to the stage. At least by evidence of this video, I am M^#&@r F#&)@%G back!


Mike Johnston - PSST! 8. Vector Squats



Mike Johnstons brings us another installment of PSST! 8, Vector Squats. Balance, pitching forward and core stablization are the keys to a successful lordotic positioned squat attempt whether raw or equipped. Here Mike breaks down the training methodology that can bring you bigger numbers on game day!


Mike Johnston - PSST! 7. The Ben & Jerry's Effect



When I was a kid, i would wear my clothes through spring, start wearing cooler clothing at the start of summer, and would return to my old sclothes as soon as the California fall began to creep in. But every year, something weird happened. My clothing just didn't fit any more. I had hit summer growth spurts that neccessitated my mother to take me shopping for new school clothes.

Mike J learned that lesson after competing at 242lbs at the Arnold XPC event and afterwards returned to his normal 252-255lbs of bodyweight. However, he did nto take into account that effect Ben & Jerrys daily consumption can have on the reality of the scale... and how his gear fit under the squat rack. Here, Mikey breaks down the trials and tribulations of Ice Cream overload.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Log Press Analysis Pt 1.



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS and Vice President of the American Strongman Corporation knows a thing or two about analysis. In this weeks PSST! Mike looks at the Good, the Bad and the just plain down right Ugly of some of the America's Strongest Man Log Presses by soem of the very best in the U.S. Mike breaks down each component in real time and in slow motion. Thanks to Carl Foemmel, Tomas Rodriquez and Brad The Wolverine Dunn for their contributions.


The Monster Eric Spoto Crushes Raw Bench Record: 722lbs!



Eric Spoto, who for some time now was clearly the aire apparent to the bench press all time world record, crushed not one but two attempts to establish and then re-establish a new world record. Scott Mendohlson long held the 715lb mark until this past weekend when Spoto hit a controversial 716lb blast. In the video, the handoff was fast, the Go command never really played a factor leaving many to scratch their heads at three white lights. His third attempt (he opened and made 660lbs) was a very clean 722lbs that sent the crowd into a frenzy.


Sultans of Squat 3 Womens Winner Kristy Scott




Kristy Scott won the Sultans of Squat 3 event at the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships with an amazing 465lb squat! Kristy also competes in bodybuilding, strongwoman and is the 2012 World Silver Medalist in the Highland Heavy Games!


Sultans of Squat 3 Winner Scott Weech



Scott Weech, Pro Strongman, Pro Powerlifter and Police Officer wins the Sultans of Squat 3 at the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Seattle, Wa.


Anatomy of a Hybrid - Squat/Dead Firing Patterns



Mike Johnston and his now famous PSST! series brings us something I have never seen before, but now that I have, it makes plenty of sense. Creating training environments and exercises that support a specific endeavor are fundemental to progressive change and gains. Here Chuck V takes the boys into something I wont begin to describe, but as you will see, there are glimpses of deadlifting and squatting in this exercise and as Mike puts it... "It just makes you strong".


BOAD Sultans of Squat 3! Wrap up with Sean Katterle


The 2013 Sultans of Squat 3 which took place at the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Championships in Seattle, Wa saw 3 lifters nail 800lb or more squats! In the end, ASC Pro Strongman Scott Weech took home the cash and 1st place trophy with a 2nd attempt 820lb squat, just missing a 850lb squat on his 3rd. Randall Big Ro Harris came in determiend to unseat Weech but came up just short when he missed his 790lb 2nd attempt and made a 810lb 3rd attempt.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Preparing For A Big Squat



Every lifter preparing for their big event spends time in a prepatory period of training to allow them to maximize their potential of a new record. Whether personal, local, state, national or world, persevering and potentiating your best is what we all strive for. Here, Mike Johnston breaks down the squat in it's warm up phase as a way to lead to predictable form and function during your big day on stage.


Poundtone and Ortmayer BOSS Movie Premier



In 2006 two little known strongmen were approached to have their lives invaded and documented by a pair of mildly delusional but talented movie producers in what seemed an impossible idea. Derek Poundstone was in Connecticut preparing for America's Strongest Man amongst other major strength contests while Travis Ortmayer was in Texas just making his mark in the game.


2013 Sin City IV Strongman Wrap Up



Bryan Hildebrand and Paul Leone wrap up the 2013 Sin City Strongman Giants Live qualifier hosted by Nick and Callie Best. Some of the best and newest pro strongman talent in the country came to Vegas to win one of two chances for an expenses paid trip to a Worlds Strongest Man qualifying event.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Deadlift Analysis



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS breaks down the conventional deadlift as seen from the eyes of therapist, coach and lifter.


This is America - Oh SNAP! Food Stamps?




Mike Johnston brings us another installment of This is America. Mike looks a bit deeper into the use fo EBT Nutritional Supplementation Program - Food Stamps. Why has there been a 250% increase in Fraudulent use of EBT's and how are consumer product manufacturers like Monster, Cheetos and other companies taking advantage of the broad variables in nutritional labeling?


2 Years Ago Today: Donnie Thompson's 1,260lb Squat



Two years ago today, one of the most prolific powerlifters in history stood underneath a bar loaded with a never attempted squat of 1,260lbs. Donnie "Mr 3000" Thompson made good on the lift infront of his friends, gym mates and family that day in South Carolina. It is a lift equaled by no one to this date.


Jill Mills 2013 Texas Strongest Man




The very lovely Jill Millis the NAS Texas Chair and put on one hell of a great show in the Texas Strongest Man and Woman.


Arnold Strongman: The Wives of Strongman



2013arnoldstrongmanwivesAt the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic no media outlets were allowed in the green room backstage of the main expo stage. We witnessed some terrific feats of strength, but alas, no interviews were conducted until the finals at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. I took a few minutes to get the perspectives of the people who matter most outside of the lifters themselves. These are the ladies that have to tend to the aches, pains and boo boo's of three of the greatest American strength athletes of all time.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Bench Accessory Work



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS is back with another installment of PSST! This time Mike tackles an unassuming issue with upper back work in relation to shirted bench work. Mike, wearing an Inzer Phenom discusses how he actually has to pull the bar to his chest in the last 2" of movement. Without proper accessory work, this action can cause the bar to come out of it's planned trajectory and ultimately can lead to the loss of the lift.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Romanian Deadlifts



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS takes you through one of the best exercises for regaining proper Lordosis in the lumbar region of the spine during training or rehabilitation.