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The 2013 America's Strongest Man Final Wrapup with Mikey J, Bryan and Big Jon!



The 2013 version of America's Strongest Man saw the deepest talent pool in it's nearly 20 year history. Five athletes representing the U.S. at Worlds just four weeks ago came into this contest fresh off their performances to resume battle, but this time was to determine who the best in the U.S. really was. Mike Johnston, Jon Andersen and Bryan Hildebrand take a look back at the weekend and bring you the highlights of what is arguably the best Strongman contest ever held in the U.S.


Brian Shaw Wins America's Strongest Man



The 2013 America's Strongest Man brought to you by The American Strongman Corporation took place during the Mr Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian Shaw, the 6' 8" 420lb monster from Fort Lupton, Colorado who is fresh off a Worlds Strongest Man victory in China 4 weeks ago, proves he is the dominate force in American Strength sports by taking the ASM event with a wide point margin. Brian talks to Bryan Hildebrand about the weekend and his thoughts on the sport in America.


The 2013 Americas Strongest Man Day 1 Wrapup



American Strongman Corporation President Dione Wessels and Vice President Mike Johnston join Bryan Hildebrand with a wrapup of the first days event at Americas Strongest Man in Las Vegas, Nv at the Mr Olympia Weekend.


2013 America's Strongest "Best" Man!!



Multi time Worlds Strongest Man competitor hometown hero Nick Best comes into America's Strongest Man with TONS of experience and shows the young guys and his contemporaries how to walk, or in his case, run with a 950lb Yoke on his back. 12.2 seconds in a 75' yoke? Are you kidding me? It's true!


2013 America's Strongest Man Log Press Wrapup!



The 2013 America's Strongest Man is off to a flying start and the Log Press did not disappoint. Back in the day, having 2 guys pressing a 350lb log was a pretty big deal. This show had 7 guys attempting 410lbs and 3 making it to 460lbs. Mikey J and Bryan discuss the battle and it's ultimate ending!


Finlands Petteri Tuomisto Wins Squat at Nordic Expo




Petteri Tuomisto from Finland wins the 2013 Bullfarm Powerlifting Championships with an amazing suited 505kg or 1,111lbs! Dave palumbo interviews Pettri with the help of his coah and interperter. Daves Finnish is kinda rusty!


Mike Johnston - PSST! 12. Squat Depth Training



Mikey J breaks down the components to realizing proper depth in the squat in this weeks PSST segment!


Dave Hoff Breaks All Time Equipped Total: 3,005lbs!



On Saturday, August 17th, Dave "Netron" Hoff broke Donnie Thompsons all time equipped total record with a mind blowing 3,005lb total. The feat took place at the Westside Pro Invitational at the York Barbell Museum in York, Pa. Dave's squat, though questionable by many on depth was a massive 1,210lb effort. He followed that up with a very clean 975lb benchpress and then nailed a lightning quick 820lb deadlift.


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