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Daniel Bell Squats 900 Pounds RAW

Daniel Bell squatted 900 pbellounds raw at the IPA Ohio Grand Prix on his way to a 2200 pound total. Rx POWER Hour Host Mike Johnston, PT, CSCS was there to catch the action.

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Believe the Hype! The Rx POWER Hour Presents: The Europa Games Qualifier to Giants Live!

Believe the Hype! The Rx POWER Hstrongour Presents: The Europa Games Qualifier to Giants Live!

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Zydrunas New World Record 1,155lb Hummer Tire Deadlift



Zydrunas Savickas, considered by many, including Bill Kazmaier to be the strongest man to ever walk the fae of the planet, adds to that fame.


2014 ASC Event 3, 880lb Frame Carry!



Jerry Pritchett destroys the field in Columbus with a blistering time in the frame carry. Jerry was one of only three athletes to complete the event.


2014 ASC Hummer Tire Deadlift Complete Video!



Hummer tire deadlift. Event #4. Zydrunas World Record is at the end.





2014 ASC Austrian Oak Complete Video



Here is the complete Austrian Oak log press event.


2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Event 1 - Austrian Oak Log Press





Next Time You Are Butt Hurt... Watch This and Get Motivated!



If I offend someone with this article, then so be it. I have grown weary of men and women complaining about their workouts, missing a meal, sand in their swimming suit, whatever. The point is we ALL fail sometimes. Sometimes the cards are stacked against us and we can't catch a break. It is these exact moments that separates those who except humility and embrace the idea of I CAN versus those who dwell in the benevolence of defeat and cry to the masses of social media for a tissue. I present to you my favorite story of the day.


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