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Zydrunas New World Record 1,155lb Hummer Tire Deadlift



Zydrunas Savickas, considered by many, including Bill Kazmaier to be the strongest man to ever walk the fae of the planet, adds to that fame.

2014 ASC Event 3, 880lb Frame Carry!



Jerry Pritchett destroys the field in Columbus with a blistering time in the frame carry. Jerry was one of only three athletes to complete the event.

2014 ASC Hummer Tire Deadlift Complete Video!



Hummer tire deadlift. Event #4. Zydrunas World Record is at the end.




2014 ASC Austrian Oak Complete Video



Here is the complete Austrian Oak log press event.

2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Event 1 - Austrian Oak Log Press




Next Time You Are Butt Hurt... Watch This and Get Motivated!



If I offend someone with this article, then so be it. I have grown weary of men and women complaining about their workouts, missing a meal, sand in their swimming suit, whatever. The point is we ALL fail sometimes. Sometimes the cards are stacked against us and we can't catch a break. It is these exact moments that separates those who except humility and embrace the idea of I CAN versus those who dwell in the benevolence of defeat and cry to the masses of social media for a tissue. I present to you my favorite story of the day.

PSST 14! - Bicep Tendon Tears





PSST 14 has Mikey breaking down the in's and out's of bicep injuries. Whether it is a distal tendon rupture (at the elbow) or a proximal rupture (at the shoulder), both are importandtto know the signs and symptoms of these biomechanical disadvantaged joints.

Nick Best Flies with Half a Ton



Battling war with Father Time, Nick Best shows the young guys at the LA Fit Expo All American Strongman Challenge how to FLY with 950 and 1,050lb yokes in record time!

Jerry Pritchett Wins Strongman Challenge at LA Fit Expo



2014jerryLAJerry Pritchett winning his second Odd Haugen Strongman Challenge and a spot at the coveted Arnold Strongman Classic in 5 weeks.

Rogue Fitness Presents, Strongman: A Brief Introduction




Rogue Fitness is the equipment company responsible for providing the best strength related products in the strongman industry. Rogue, along with Dr Terry Todd shot w sonderful glimpse intom the past and what the future may hold at the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas.


Paul Anderson, The Strength Athlete Far Ahead of His Time



Big Paul Anderson was to strength athletics yesterday to what Usain Bolt is to Sprinting; Ahead of their time. Paul was a gentle giant who broke record after record in Olympic Lifting and the early years of Powerlifting and other strength feats from the 50's and 60's. Paul passed away in August, 1994 but his legacy still lives on at the Paul Anderson Youth Home.

Brian Shaw Nails an 1,140lb Hummer Tire Deadlift!



Uh, I think the 2011 Arnold Strongman Champion and the current Worlds Strognest man is more than ready to take back his crown at the 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic.. Here, Brian SMOKES an 1,140lb Hummer tire set up at his training facility, Shaw Strength. Fans of strongman, this years Arnold is going to be incredible!

2013 Giants Live British Championships Full Video



The 2013 Giants Live British Championships was the final qualifying event for the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man. The big surprises were certainly American Jerry Pritchett who set the American strongman deadlift record and Terry Hollands who struggled with an injury and finished third in what should have been a great event for him.

The Science of Steroids: A Nat Geo Production



The steroid debate seems to grow mroe and mroe every day. Even as the U.S. media is finally waking up to the fact that an OVERWHELMING number of professional athletes are using these substances but are not getting caught, at least not right away. National Geographic breaks down the politics, science and specifics to anabolic use in this interesting video.

30 years of Worlds Strongest Man



In case you had not seen it, this video was produced by the makes of Worlds Strongest Man several years ago. This video chronicles the Worlds Strongest Man from it's roots in Los Angeles and the first two years of American only athletes through the beginning of the era of Eastern European domination of Poland and Lithuania. Thsi takes a really up close look at Icelands formidable 8 world titles and the men who made that possible.

Brian Shaw V Phil Heath, Food and Free Throws!



Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw at 6' 8" and 420lbs takes on the the reigning 5' 9" 250lb Mr Olympia Phil Heath with some caloric intake. CBS News 4 in Denver took the two out for lunch  and the takes both of the former basketball players for free throws to see who pays the bill!

A Sneak Peak at the Great Britain Bobsled Team Training



Olympic training can take on many facets, but in this video, strength, speed and determination are driven from many different sports concepts.

Matt Sohmer Video, 750lb Deadlift... On His Way to 800lbs at 20 years Old



Matt Sohmer does it again. His march to a 900lb squat and 800lb deadlift at the age of 20 and having competed only in drug free events... is in full effect. Here is a video clip frmo this weekend showing us how easy 700 and 725 are before nailing a clean 750lb deadlift with ease.

WWE's Mark Henry - New Look & Fresh Start



Billed as the Worlds Strongest Man in the WWE, Mark Henry who was the first Arnold Strongman Classic Champion and U.S. Olympic Champion is readying for his comeback into the WWE fold. Mark shows us his new "look" and how it has changed who is really is. I could be wrong, but the bald head and beard thing feels kinda familiar...!

Hildebrand's Video Take on The 2013 America's Strongest Man. Mostly Safe For Work!



The 2013 America's Strongest Man is now a memory. Current World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw handily wins his first ASM event with NewB Robert Oberst and even NewB'er Dimitar Savitinov rounding out the podium. This video is purely for fun... though it is dedicated to Bre Hatfield, daughter of former America's Strongest Man Van Hatfield. She has just wrapped up her third round of chemo and is preparing for surgery, all at the age of 14. She is a brave beautiful young woman and from the entire RxMuscle staff and fans, our thoughts are with you babe!

Matt Sohmer Squats 810lb, On His Way to 850lbs at 20 years Old!



Matt Sohmer, preparing for the WDFPF World Championships where he will defend his title from last year at only 19 years of age nailed a 810lb raw, walked out squat without knee wraps in training recently.