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Strength Articles

Andy Vincent and Robert Oberst Shine in Vegas Highland Games



Francis Brebner called the action at the Las Vegas Highland Games for IronMind and talking about action, there was plenty of it: Andy Vincent, Jake Sullivan and Jon O’Neil distinguished themselves in the pros and Robert “OB” Oberst made an impressive debut in the novice class.


Sin City Strongman IV - Giant's Live Qualifier



Nick and Callie Best are at it again - Holding their fourth annual Sin City Strongman Contest-The Giants Live USA’s Strongest Man.  The top two athletes in the Giants Live will qualify (and receive plane tickets accommodations and prize money) to a Giants Live Contest- and possibly The World’s Strongest Man competition.  Last year’s winner Jerry Pritchett, made his debut appearance at WSM, now the 2 strongest North American’s will have that same opportunity.


This is America - 27 Hotly Debated Words



This week Mike talks about the most legally discussed 27 words in American History: Your 2nd Amendment.


Arnold Strongman Speculation - It's All We've Got!





Mike Jenkins on Disney XD - What Would it Take?



Mike Jenkins was on the Disney offshoot channel, Disney XD's Marvel Universe over the weekend. Here is a sneak peak at the video "What Would it Take" for a human to be the Hulk? Big Mike helps put some of the strength feats and size, into perspective.


More Media Bullshit Completely F-ing Up PED Use: Ray Lewis.



Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis found himself in a Super Bowl week controversy on Tuesday after he was asked about possibly taking a banned substance to help his remarkable recovery from a torn triceps earlier this season.

Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (S.W.A.T.S) a company that was spotlighted by Yahoo! Sports online magazine ThePostGame.com in 2011 for providing a product that has a substance banned by the NFL, may have provided Lewis with deer-antler velvet extract spray after his triceps injury this year. That spray includes IGF-1, which is banned by the NFL.


Mike Jenkins Joins Hildebrand At the ASC!



Coverage from Rx Muscle continues to grow. When you want the best in coverage, you go to the best in the business. We have sought out talent like Mel Chancey and now Dr. Lane Norton, people who know the Iron Game inside and out. On that note, the 2011 Arnold Amateur Strongman Champion, the 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic Champion and Worlds Strongest Man finalist Mike Jenkins will be reporting with Bryan Hildebrand at the Pro event on March 1st and 2nd.


Mike Jenkins Video: Recovery Update



The 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic winner and top 5 finisher at last years World's Strongest Man announced several week ago he would be sitting out this years Strongman Classic due to a continuing knee injury. At the time he felt that he could not be 100% in an event that is far more physically demanding and taxing than any other in the world. In that decision he confirmed with Dr Terry Todd, his own Orthopaedic surgeon, his sponsors and his lovely wife Keri, and came to the conclusion now was the best time for surgical intervention. Here is Mike's update to his fans from last night updating everyone on his progress and his availability and appearances at the Arnold Expo.


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