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Strength Articles

GAT Signs Giant Pro Strongman, Robert Oberst!




Record-breaking professional strongman Robert Oberst will serve as a spokesmodel for sports nutrition brand GAT.

Three damaged ribs – two broken and one dislocated- were not enough to stop six-foot-eight-inch, four-hundred-pound Robert Oberst from winning his pro card. In 2012, after barely a year of preparation, the bearded “mountain man” competed in the Europa American Strongman contest. During the car lift event, he damaged his ribs. He had four events to go. In severe pain and with duct tape wrapped around his torso to prevent further injury, he continued, ultimately winning his pro card and breaking the US log press record. Today, Robert signed with GAT, one of the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands in North America.


Branch Chain Amino Acid Supplementation - Review



I decided to do my own research on BCAAs—if you don’t care to read further—in a nut shell, if you train hard, take them. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of leucine, isoleucine and valine, which comprise an overwhelming majority of the amino acids your body needs for recovery and hypertrophy.


American Robert Oberst Ninth Invitee for the Arnold Strongman Classic



The 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic had last week named the first eight invitees to this years show. Today, American Robert Oberst, the 6' 8" 400lb monster who burst onto the scene last year with an impressive showing at Giants Live in the UK and then made it to the finals at the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man was named the 9th invitee to the traditionally 10 man field.


When is Powerlifting, Too Young?



The arguement for the safety and health of children in any sport is as relevant today as any other time in our history. Girls in gymnastics with mulitple tendon ruptures and broken bones may out number the boys playing football with joint and head injuries. However, I do not know of any clinical data to support the idea that powerlifting is any more dangerous than either of the previously mentioned sports. This article is oen that provkes the :what the hell is the problem here" gene in me. It simply doesn't make sense to target this kid or the sport any mroe than "Friday Night Tykes" on the new Esquire Channel.


UK's Graham Hicks On 2014 WSM Run Up



A Morecambe strongman is confident he can have an excellent 2014 after taking on the world’s best strength athletes for a second time.

Channel 5 viewers saw Graham Hicks finish fifth in his World’s Strongest Man heat in Sanya, China on December 27 and miss out on a place in the final.


2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Initial Athlete List



The 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Sponsored by MHP will once again be among the most popular events when it is staged at the Arnold Sports Festival for the 13th time in 2014.

Last year, Vytautas Lalas of Lithuania captured his first major strongman contest victory when he outlasted a field of 10 of the world’s strongest athletes to win the 12th Annual Arnold Strongman Classic Sponsored by MHP.


Dimitar Savatinov Talks 500lb Overhead Strategies



My name is Dimitar Savatinov and I'm ASC pro strongman. I finished 3rd place at the American Strongest Man at Olympia, just 1/2 point out of 2nd. I want to talk about overhead press which is my favorite event in the sport, anything overhead. I started training overhead press for the first time in my life in early 2009 and I barely was lifting 225lbs for 5 very heavy reps. Since then I've been pushing harder and harder to get my overhead to over 500lbs at his time.


Beards Keep You Young, Healthy & Handsome, Says Science



Yes my bearded friends. You are scientifically more masculine, healthy and will live longer than your folically challenged friends. Rejoice in your facial hair! Science says so... and well, so does the Interwebs!


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