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Building Impressive Arms!

Building Impressive ArmsThere is no doubt about it; a very large majority of males in the gym want to increase the size of their arms. I see it everyday of the week, in multiple gyms, and it’s all the same story, same results.

Every male client and even a lot of females always want to improve how their arms look. It’s a part of the body that is on show a lot of the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting bigger or more defined arms. Some people whisper it to me in their consultation or at a start of training session that they would like to work on their arms, like there is something wrong with wanting that. There isn’t, and you should be able to have that wish come true.

Like a lot of the training and nutrition realm, arm training is misunderstood and therefore results can be poor for many. I want to educate you to improve training methods so that you gain the results you wish.

These are some of the methods used by Life Sculpt that ensure impressive results everytime.


  • Arnold BicepBegin the workout with dumbbells. You will decrease possibility of wrist and elbow stress, increase range of motion, and increase the need of stabilizers.
  • ‘Bang for your buck”. Learnt of Charles Poliquin, the need for biggest impact and effectiveness is crucial for muscle gain with exercise selection. Dips should defiantly be used over triceps pushdowns.
  • Vary your exercise selection, apparatus used, and training variables. A method is only as good as it takes for you to adapt to it. Loading parameters such as tempo, rest intervals, sets and reps should all be adequately programmed.
  • Use different times for eccentric contractions. Vary from 2-10 seconds.
  • Include isometric stops. Isometric contractions produce the IGF-1 molecule to lock on to the cell membrane and create anabolism.
  • Train your legs properly. Yes, wanting bigger arms also includes training your legs properly. I say this so you don’t have to wear pants the whole time because you walk around on broomsticks, and because you raise your Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels by working the bigger muscle groups.
  • Train your grip strength. Use of thick-handled weights will activate more muscle motor units and increase strength.
  • Include strength specific strength work for arm training. Moving into strength training than just strict hypertrophy work will increase neural drive and motor unit activation. Thus letting you break your strength barrier and increase size.
  • Recover properly. Don’t throw in some ‘curls’ at the end of a workout just to get a pump and feel good. If your training arms – your training arms. If your training legs – your training legs. If you don’t recover from training correctly, you will never grow.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) should be taken during workouts. It favours your testosterone/Cortisol ratio (increases anabolism), promotes protein synthesis, decreases body fat, and decreases workout soreness. Dosages should be 20-50grams taken during workout for optimal results.
  • Post work out nutrition should be had within 30-45min of finishing training. It should include a whey protein and carbohydrate source. The proper methods of post workout nutrition extend from this article, and must be individualized for best results. Maximising this method will surely increase strength, hypertrophy, and recovery and induce greater hormonal production, i.e. increase testosterone and GH.


To learn more of the best methods that are specific for you contact us immediately to ensure your free consultation. Follow our instructions and we guarantee results. Don’t be happy with mediocre, achieve you goals.


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