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Training & Nutrition

Growth Hormone Optimization

Growth Hormone OptimizationGrowth hormone (GH) is a very misunderstood piece of the puzzle to do with a person's health and physique. Often only heard about when discussed with body builders using illegal methods of obtaining GH or by celebrities to become more youthful. These are all true, but we create our own GH naturally. Proper methods with nutrition, life style and training can be can be the answer to increasing the production of this incredibly anabolic chemical.


Bro Science 101

Bro Science 101There is so much information out there in the bodybuilding/fitness world that it is often difficult to decipher fact from fiction. In many cases we are left with what we term “broscience” – information passed down from one bro to another in the gym with no real scientific backing. Some things we hear in the gym are true, some are true but not optimal and some are just rubbish. So not unlike a bro shredding for a music festival, watch as I take this broscience and strip away the inessentials until the truth is revealed.


Consider Calories

Consider CaloriesI am responsible for fat loss and fat gain; muscle gain and muscle loss. I regulate neurological impulses and brain chemistry. Who am I? That's right, the notorious calorie. As I mentioned in my previous article, nutrition is perhaps the most important aspect of ones journey in both health and bodybuilding.


Bodybuilding: The Health Messiah?

Bodybuilding The Health MessiahIn a modern society where obesity is at a near pandemic state, lifestyle related diseases are increasing and levels of depression and suicide rates are at an all time high, things may seem pretty bleak. Quite a negative introduction to the first article of a training section, I know. Now before you dismiss this article as little more than an angry ramble regarding the current state of health affairs in western societies, let me propose a simple, yet remarkably effective solution: Bodybuilding.


Is Food Fungible? (& WTF does that mean?)

Is food fungible

As the old saying goes, “opinions on diets are like a%&holes...everyone’s got one”. That’s no lie.

One of the problems with the ‘diet wars’ is that there’s no hard and fast way to settle the truth.  You can’t just take a look at a bro’s physique and deduce the truth of their preferred diet because the fact is, people succeed on all sorts of diets, and people tank on all sorts of diets.


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