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DO YOU EVEN GIFT?! (What to buy your Gym Junkie Gf for XMAS)

Katey Shelley Leal do you even gift christmasWith Christmas around the corner we are racing to get our special someone that perfect gift! But what if your girl isn't your average girlie girl? What if your girlfriend LIFTS! Here are some ideas of the perfect gift for your sporty girl! (And no, she will definitely not appreciate cooking classes! We already have our Muscle Meals Direct sorted! http://www.musclemealsdirect.com.au/index.php/

*Most of the headings below are linked to websites that can help with your purchases, or where you can view the products/services.

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No, I don't mean test boosters! I'm talking everything your girl needs for a perfect session at her second home (the gym!). My current favourites are Lorna Jane tights, shorts, crops, gym bags, headbands, iPod holders, sweat bands, yoga mats. Mix and match these for a super cute look.

If your girl is serious about training no doubt she has a pantry full of potions and powders. Find out what she needs and help stock up her stash. Shop with the best and even drop into store if you need advise on the finest female supplementation.

SIX PACK (FRIDGE BAG, not a case of beer)6-Pack-Bag Details-small
Make her life easier, especially if you're planning on travelling around Christmas time with a six-pack fridge bag to keep all her meals fresh (and prevent any hunger tantrums when all the shops are shut). http://www.massnutrition.com.au/product/6-pack-bag/345#.UMqRfY4ijww

Not the secret romantic kind! – Training and nutrition diaries are proven to increase progress and keep your girl on track towards her goals. This is a gift that would go well with something else from the list.

A two-minute neck or foot rub probably wont cut it! Find a local massage therapist and get a voucher for deep tissue massage, reflexology or even some acupuncture. This may be just what your girl needs after pushing herself at the gym to relax.

Changing up workouts and ensuring nutrition matches your girl's hard efforts at the gym is pretty important for her goals. If she's looking for some extra assistance with any aspects of training, nutrition or even looking to compete, why not give her a head start with a KSL voucher?

beats-by-dre-headphones-studioBEATS BY DRE
These headphones have amazing sound for getting pumped up during training (or chilling out). They also have noise cancelling so pick up a pair for yourself ;)




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