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Heavy Muscle Radio (6/24/13) 1st Time Ever Special Guest Dave Palumbo All Access!

HeavyMuscle06-24-13FCChris and Dave break down the IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini and Men and Women's Physique Pro.  Dave talks about his quadriceps repair surgery plus his chronic case of the hiccups.

Plus don't miss the Exclusive interview with Dave Palumbo! Chris Aceto asks him the tough questions regarding how he created his own Bodybuilding Nirvana





Heavy Muscle Radio (6/17/13) Jr Nationals Recap plus Allen Richards!

HeavyMuscle06-17-13FCDave and Chris Recap the 2013 NPC Jr Nationals Weekend.  Plus the Quote-of-the-Week and Olympia updates.

NPC Jr Nationals Overall Champion Allen Richards calls in to fill us in on how he went from last place in 2010 to 1st in 2013!