Heavy Muscle Radio (2/20/17) Remembering Nicole Bass plus The Road To The Arnold Continues!

HeavyMuscle02 20 17FC

Palumbo and Aceto memorialize the late Nicole Bass who passed away this past weekend from a stroke at the young age of 52. Find out what made the largest female bodybuilder of all time at 6'2" and 220lbs one of the most polorizing people in the entire bodybuilding industry.  Plus, the Road to the Arnold Classic 2017 continues in full force as we rapidly approach the big event.



Heavy Muscle Radio (2/13/17) Upcoming Arnold Classic News Plus McCarver's Incredible Gains!

MIM02 13 17FC

Palumbo and Aceto discuss the upcoming Arnold Classic. Will Cedric McMillan dominate or can Dallas McCarver and his incredible muscle gains shock the world?

Plus, Ask the Technician and Ask Dave returns.




Heavy Muscle Radio (2/6/17) Where is Big Ramy?!

HeavyMuscle02 06 17FC

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto speculate as to why Big Ramy has left the diet tutelage of Aceto.  While Ramy has been on radio silence since the 2016 Olympia and European Tour (where Aceto spent the week staying with Ramy), no one has heard from the big man.  Rumors are rampant as to whether or not Bader Boodai had anything to do with Ramy’s mysterious move.  Following the taping of this show, Dave spoke to Bader on the phone to get his side of the story.  Look for a video in the coming days revealing what was said. 





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