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Heavy Muscle Radio (4/14/14): Lonnie "The Swami" Teper joins the show. Plus recap the IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions.


Aceto and Palumbo recap the IFBB Orlando Europa Show of Champions.  How good was 25 year old Justin Compton?  How did Jon Delarosa make such amazing improvements in 1 year?  Plus full womens physique, bikini and mens physique breakdown. 
Lonnie Teper calls in to talk about the sad death of former IFBB Pro Vince Comerford.  Find out what "the Swami" reveals may have led to the death of the man they called "The Blond Myth".
Plus, Palumbo answers any and all questions in "Ask Dave?"!

Heavy Muscle Radio (4/7/14): Contest Guru Armon Adibi Plus IFBB Europa Preview!


Aceto and Palumbo preview the upcoming IFBB Orlando Europa Pro.  Find out if last minute entrant Jon Delarosa can bring home the victory over the likes of Justin Compton and Clarence DeVis.
Find out why you should be supplementing with the Omega-7 fat, Palmitoleic Acid!  Dave explains how it will help your bodybuilding, your health, and your overall well-being.  Plus, high speed rockets, iphone heart monitors, and does Dorian Yates really think the Holocaust didn't happen?
Contest Guru Armon Adibi calls in to discuss competing, injuries and bodybuilding contest preparation!