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Heavy Muscle Radio (4/28/14): The Big Sexy Kevin Nash Joins HMR! Plus Arnold Brazil Recap!


Aceto and Palumbo recap the IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil.  Did Kuclo deserve the win?  Was Beyeke better than 4th?  How close was Delarosa?  How did Bonac fall out of the top 6? And why was Dave sneaking under a black curtain?
WWE Superstar "The Big Sexy" Kevin Nash calls in to talk basketball, wrestling and bodybuilding.  You'll be shocked to find out that the 6'9" giant was successful in all 3 sports. And, Nash explains why he's so obsessed with working out.

Next Week On HMR! Wrestling Superstar Kevin Nash!

Kevin Nash Wrestling Superstar On Heavy Muscle Radio Next Week!

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