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Heavy Muscle Radio (6/22/15) IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show and Greater Gulf States Pro Recap & More!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show and Greater Gulf States Pro.  How good was Dallas champ Fred Smalls and was his first pro victory well-deserved.  And will runner-ups Renaldo Gairy and Akim Williams be future stars in the IFBB?
Plus, are the GURU TIPS, as of late, helping or confusing the masses? 

Heavy Muscle Radio (6/15/15) NPC Jr National Championships Recap And More!


Aceto and Palumbo recap the NPC Jr National Championships.  How good is mens overall champion Chris Salcedo? Can he win the USA? 
Guru Wars Continue with more lies and deception.
And find out what Dave's been up to all week long in Sydney, Australia. 

Heavy Muscle Radio (6/8/15) The Return Of John Romano!


Aceto and Palumbo recap the IFBB Toronto Super Show.  Was Mens Open Champ Brandon Curry his best; or was he just at the right place, at the right time?
And, John Romano is back!  You heard correctly; Romano is the Special Surprise Guest of the Week!
Plus, Ask Dave? And Stump the Jumbo returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (6/1/15) Recap of the Arnold Classic Brazil plus NPC Jr USA Champ Chris Didomenico!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the Arnold Classic Brazil. How good was Big Ramy? Who was Guru at the Arnold? And can Big Ramy win The Olympia?
2015 NPC Jr USA Men's bodybuiding overall champion Chris Didomenico is the guest interview of week!

Heavy Muscle Radio (5/25/15) Memorial Day 2015 upcoming Arnold Classic Brazil & Ask Dave!


Celebrate Memorial Day 2015 with Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto.  Find out what they think about the upcoming Arnold Classic Brazil. Can Big Ramy win the biggest title of his career or will Cedric McMillan, Juan Morel, and Victor Martinez teach him a lesson?  

Plus, Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo!