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Heavy Muscle Radio (8/24/15) IFBB Texas Pro and Rising Phoenix Recap Plus Romano Returns!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Texas Pro and Rising Phoenix World Womens Bodybuilding Championships.  How good was the champ, Margie Martin, in a victory that earned her $50,000 plus a $75,000 custom Jeep? And in the men's event, find out how Johnny Jackson brought the goods to enable him to eclipse rising star Steve Kuclo!
Plus, Raging John Romano returns to give his firsthand feedback on this inaugural event that had his wife Valerie Gianvanoli take home an impressive 3rd place in the Pro Womens Physique division.

Heavy Muscle Radio (8/17/15) IFBB Golden State Recap Plus Europa Atlantic City Press Pass Fiasco!


Aceto and Palumbo recap the IFBB Golden State.  How close was the battle between Cedric McMillan and Manuel Romero?  Is McMillan now ready to do serious damage at the Olympia? Plus, the latest press pass fiasco for the upcoming IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro.
ASK DAVE returns in a special extended format!

Heavy Muscle Radio (8/10/15)IFBB Tampa Pro Recap plus more Raging Romano!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Tampa Pro.  Did Maxx Charles deserve the victory over Fouad Obiad?  How good was Al Auguste in his comeback win in the 212 division?
Later in the show, John Romano chimes in on the future of magazine and supplement contracts. Is professional bodybuilding going the way of the dinosaur?

Heavy Muscle Radio (8/7/15)Special Guest 2015 Mr. USA Cody Montogomerty!


Palumbo and Aceto preview the upcoming IFBB Tampa Pro.  Plus update on Baito Abbaspour's medical condition.
John Romano returns with his insights into the transgender community, should you have sex before a big athletic event, and what to do if you sit next to an obese person on an airplane.
Cody Montgomery calls in to talk about his NPC USA Overall Victory.  Find out what obstacles Montgomery faced on his way to becoming the youngest man (at 20 years old) to ever win the USA!

Heavy Muscle Radio (7/27/15)Romano, Palumbo & Aceto On HMR!


John Romano sits in as co-host with Dave Palumbo for this very special episode of HMR.  Find out why Kevin Jordan was denied entry into Canada, why Mexico is devoid of any cool steroids, and why John Romano's moving back to the States. 
Plus, later Chris Aceto calls in during his drive home to Maine to recap the NPC USA Championships.  Does The Technician think 20-year old Cody Montgomery can be a top 6 Olympian one day?