Heavy Muscle Radio (03-30-09): Chuck Zito, Mel Chancey, Author L. Rea, and Tom Terwilliger Pt. 2



Former President of Hell's Angels New York and TV/Movie actor Chuck Zito stops by to talk about the Angels, doing time, Hollywood, and his desire to step into the Octagon at 57 years old.

Former President of Hell's Angels Chicago, Big Mel Chancey, calls in to tell stories about the old days in the Angels and hanging with Zito.  He also talks about his latest desire to get back onstage in quest of a pro card.

ALR Industries Author L. Rea joins the fun with great stories, lots of knowledge, and some free supplements!

IFBB Pro of yesteryear Tom Terwilliger returns for Part 2 of his extremely well-received interview.

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Heavy Muscle Radio (03-23-09): Bill Llewellyn, Tom Terwilliger, Tres Bennett, and Scott Connelly



ANABOLICS 2009 author Bill Llewellyn joins the Whack Pack and fills us in on what he's been up to in Amsterdam for the last 8 weeks.

IFBB Pro of yesteryear Tom Terwilliger drops by the talk about competing in the 80's against Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari, Lee Labrada.  You won't want to miss the story about how Chuck Zito almost killed his twin brother and him or how he smoked hash with Sonny Schmidt in Madrid, Spain.

Jr USA Promoter Tres Bennett calls in to give us a preview of the upcoming NPC Jr USA taking place on May 23 in Charleston, SC.

Dr. Scott Connelly returns and discussed the very hot topic of insulin resistance and how a high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Bobby Smalls, IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino, and Kris Lecomte also join the guys in the studio!

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Heavy Muscle Radio (03-16-09): Andy Haman, Justin Miller, and Tony Doherty



Australian Pro Grand Prix promoter Tony Doherty calls in with an up-to-the-minute report of what happened down-under this past weekend!

IFBB Pro Andy Haman tells us what it's like to go from Division 1 wrestling champ to school teacher to bodybuilder. Find out how this 600+lb bencher incorporates his athletic background into his life as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder.

Justin Miller stops by to explain how he brought Oscar Arden and Kai Greene back together in time for him to win his first Arnold Classic Championship.

Also featuring the Rx Muscle "Whack Pack"-Jimmy Pellechia, Derek Anthony, and The Smalley Brothers!

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