Heavy Muscle Radio (05-04-09): Mike Quinn & John Defendis



"Mighty" Mike Quinn tells us where he's been hiding for over a year, who he's training, and what he thinks of Samir Bannout's allegations that Quinn is just a "Big Liar"!

Intensity or Insanity is a phrase that only John Defendis can personify. Listen to the crazy stories he tells to Dave and John about his experience with Steve Michalik and what he thinks of the bodybuilders of today compared to yesteryear.

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Heavy Muscle Radio (04-27-09): Brian Dobson, Lyle Mcdonald, Jim Germanakos



Brian Dobson runs the most hardcore gym of all time, METROFLEX GYM in Arlington, Texas. He tells us how me manages to run a business, feed the homeless, run the Ronnie Coleman Classic and other events, and have time for his family!

Lyle McDonald discusses the science and reasoning behind low-carb dieting and dispels the myriad of myths and misinformation we all have to sift through on a daily basis.

One of the champions from the TV show, "The Biggest Loser", Jim Germanakos, was an unexpected but much welcome guest to Heavy Muscle Radio. Find out how he made his dramatic transformation, and why he thinks that Jimmy "The Angry Bull" Pellechia is exactly what The Biggest Loser needs to boost its ratings!

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Heavy Muscle Radio (04-20-09): Scott Connelly, Tres Bennett and Quincy Taylor



Tres Bennett calls in to break down this past weekend's Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, FL. Find out how close it was between Troy Alves and Hide Yamagishi. And find out exactly how Tres' wife Shannon managed to win 2 Pro Fitness shows in back-to-back weeks

Big Quincy Taylor checks in and talks about his new job at, his planned return to the stage in 2010, and how to handle 5 energy crazed kids.

Don't miss Part 2 of Dr. Scott Connelly's interview on insulin resistance and how we can prevent it. Wait till you hear about the line of the new bio-engineered foods that he's getting ready for release!

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