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Heavy Muscle Radio (1/26/15) The science and logic behind what to eat and why! Plus Ask Dave!


Palumbo and Aceto discuss optimal nutrition for building and repairing muscle in the gym.  What should you eat pre-workout, post-workout; and do you need intra-workout nutrition?  Dave lays out the science and logic behind what to eat and why!  Also, find out what really causes the phenomenon of "overtraining". 
Plus ASK DAVE?  and STUMP THE JUMBO returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/19/15): Remembering Greg Plitt Plus McMillan vs Compton at ASF!?


Aceto and Palumbo lay down the odds for a Cedric McMillan vs Justin Compton showdown at the upcoming Arnold Classic. Plus, get Dave's insights into the death of Celebrity Fitness Star Greg Plitt. 
How do the guys feel the bodybuilding world can rekindle the prestige and heyday of the 90's?  It's simpler than you might think.  Plus, ASK DAVE and STUMP THE JUMBO returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/12/15): Kai Greene's appearance on ESPN, Plus DLB $6600 posing suit?


Aceto and Palumbo talk about all the latest gossip in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.  Find out who's the latest victim of the Muscular Development "Why Cut Back?" marketing campaign.  And, Kai Greene's appearance on ESPN, Big Rami's myostatin status and Dorian Yates' cycle advice.
Plus, special surprise guest Ron Noreman calls in to explain the IRS status of Dana Linn Bailey's $6600 posing suit sold for charity.


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