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Heavy Muscle Radio (9/9/13)The X-Man Toney Freeman Returns Plus Olympia Update!


Palumbo and Aceto update the race for the Olympia:  Kai Greene, Cutler, Heath, Rhoden, Big Rami and more.

Toney Freeman calls in to update us on his Olympia prep. Find out his latest detox methods, advanced massage techniques, and grounded sleeping methods.

And, the return of Ask Dave? Plus, will anyone Stump the Jumbo?

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/2/13)IFBB Nordic Pro & Valenti Cup Recap Plus New IFBB PRO Akim Williams!


IFBB Nordic Pro and Valenti Cup recap.  Did Abbaspour deserve to defeat Beyeke? Who's qualified for the O?  Plus, Ask Dave.... And Stump the Jumbo!

2013 IFBB North American  Men's Overall Champ Akim Williams calls in to talk about his pro card win. Find out what mind games Michael Lockett tried to play backstage in Pittsburgh. 

Heavy Muscle Radio (8/26/13) 2 Guest Show With John Meadows and IFBB PRO Lionel Beyeke!


Lionel Beyeke calls in from France to discuss his strategy for the upcoming IFBB Nordic Pro.  Why is Beyeke so happy with his new coach? And what did the legendary Serge Nubret say about the French phenom?

Mountain Dog Training creator John Meadows talks about his new Rx Muscle radio show entitled Blue Collar Muscle.

Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo returns for an extended segment.


Heavy Muscle Radio (8/19/13) Dana Linn Bailey Plus Recap Of The Dallas Europa Show!


Dave and Chris break down all the action from this past week's IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show.  Did Kuclo deserve to knock off the super shredded Essa Obiad?  Will Beyeke continue to improve and shock the Olympia lineup come September?
This week's guest, Dana Linn Bailey, calls in to talk about her Womens Physique pro win in Dallas. Plus, will the Dana Linn Bailey phenomenon take her to the top of the sport world at the very first Women's Physique Olympia?
Finally, Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo returns for a super extended segment!


Heavy Muscle Radio (8/12/13) Tampa Pro Recap Plus New Aceto Baby Freak!


Aceto and Palumbo break down the entire IFBB Tampa Pro.  Did Centopani deserve to win? How close was Morel to the upset? Was Rita Bella the most shredded bodybuilder- male or female- of all time?

The latest research on lack of sleep and increased hunger. Plus, better check your blood sugar.  Even if its a little high you have an increased risk of dementia.

All that, plus Ask Dave? And Stump the Jumbo!