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Heavy Muscle Radio (9/30/13) 2013 Olympia Weekend wrap-up with Palumbo and Aceto!


2013 Olympia Weekend wrap-up with Palumbo and Aceto!  Did Phil Heath deserve to win?  How close was Kai Greene?  What happened to Big Rami and Jay Cutler? The significance of Iris Kyle's 9th Olympia victory. Will Adela Garcio continue after her 8th Ms Fitness Olympia win?
Find out who likes to cook with their own spices? Who had the best hotel room of the Vegas weekend?  And did Ron Noreman and George Farah really shake hands and make the peace?
Plus Ask Dave? and Stump the Jumbo returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/23/13) Olympia Preview With Lonnie Teper Plus Battle of The Sexes!


Olympia Preview Show! Lonnie Teper joins Aceto and Palumbo, for the greatest Olympia predictions show yet! Who will "the Swami" choose as the next Mr. Olympia?

Chris Darby calls in to talk strategy regarding his Thursday evening showdown with girlfriend Amanda Harris in the Battle Of The Sexes deadlift-for-reps contest.

Plus Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo returns! 

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/16/13) Jay Cutler Update & Battle Of The Sexes Lift-off!


Olympia update show! Aceto and Palumbo talk about the secret Jay Cutler update pics.  Is Cutler poised to win his 5th Olympia? Will Rami succumb to rookies mistakes? Will no carbs and high cardio save Kai Greene in time?

"Barbie Barbell" Amanda Harris calls in to talk about the upcoming Battle of the Sexes Deadlift Challenge against her boyfriend IFBB Pro Chris Darby.  Don't miss the live broadcast thurs evening Olympia Weekend only on rxmuscle.com

Tons of new Ask Dave questions. And will anyone Stump the Jumbo this week?

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/9/13)The X-Man Toney Freeman Returns Plus Olympia Update!


Palumbo and Aceto update the race for the Olympia:  Kai Greene, Cutler, Heath, Rhoden, Big Rami and more.

Toney Freeman calls in to update us on his Olympia prep. Find out his latest detox methods, advanced massage techniques, and grounded sleeping methods.

And, the return of Ask Dave? Plus, will anyone Stump the Jumbo?

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/2/13)IFBB Nordic Pro & Valenti Cup Recap Plus New IFBB PRO Akim Williams!


IFBB Nordic Pro and Valenti Cup recap.  Did Abbaspour deserve to defeat Beyeke? Who's qualified for the O?  Plus, Ask Dave.... And Stump the Jumbo!

2013 IFBB North American  Men's Overall Champ Akim Williams calls in to talk about his pro card win. Find out what mind games Michael Lockett tried to play backstage in Pittsburgh.