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Heavy Muscle Radio (12/3/12) Masters Olympia Preview; Plus Jackie Paisley and Jarka Lorie



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


Dave and Chris discuss the upcoming IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia 1 week before the contest!!!  Who will win?  Dexter?  Freeman?  Dennis James?


Who's being promoted at Rx Muscle?  What's the future hold for the Rx Muscle website



IFBB Pro Woman Bodybuilder JACKIE PAISLEY talks about the old days of competing when womens bodybuilding was fresh and new.  And find out how shes' overcome her recent health issues!



 IFBB Masters Olympia promoter JARKA LORIE stops by to talk about her enormous event coming up this weekend in Miami Florida!!!



 Also NEW EDITOR-in-CHIEF Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman delivers his weekly Ask Dave Q&A and Stump The Jumbo Segments!