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Heavy Muscle Radio (3/3/14): 2014 Arnold Classic Recap With Aceto & Palumbo!


Aceto and Palumbo recap the 2014 Arnold Fitness Weekend. Did Wolf deserve to beat Rhoden? How good is Flex Lewis? And did newly crowned fitness champ Oksana Grishina perform the greatest fitness routine ever?

Also, find out what happened behind the scenes at the Hall of Fame ceremony. And, discover Cedric McMillan's secret to his successful 3rd place comeback.

Heavy Muscle Radio (2/24/14): Dr. Bob Goldman Talks International Sports Hall of Fame Plus Arnold Preview!


Aceto and Palumbo handicap the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival Weekend.  Can Rhoden defeat Wolf?  Will Evan Centopani surprise the lineup?  Can anyone beat James "Flex" Lewis in the new Mens 212 Class? Will Heather Dees defeat reigning champion Candice Keene? 
Later, Dr. Bob Goldman calls in to talk about the International Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Saturday March 1st where Jason Statham, Lee Haney, Cynthia Rothrock, Dan Gable, and the Weiders will all be honored. Find out how Dr Bob went from growing up poor to setting the all-time sit-ups record, becoming a medical doctor and establishing the first anti-aging society. 
Plus, Ask Dave? returns will all new questions!

Heavy Muscle Radio (2/17/14):IFBB Australian Promoter Tony Doherty plus Bros Vs Pros 20 Recap!


Aceto and Palumbo recap Bros vs Pros 20.  Find out who benched 225 for 62 reps. Plus, Sean Green shocks Akim Williams with a 815 deadlift.

IFBB Australian Pro promoter Tony Doherty calls in from Melbourne to discuss the upcoming pro show plus expo. Will Rhoden win it all? Can Heather Dees upset last years champ Candice Keene? Why Flex Lewis will be guest posing?

Plus, Breaking News: Roelly Winklaar is out of the Arnold and Aussie Pro due to motor vehicle accident!


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