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Heavy Muscle Radio (10/19/15) RxMuscle's Own Camel Crew Show!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the controversy that came out of last week's episode of Iron Debate where Kuwait's Bader Boodai counters Dennis James' "camel crew" depiction of Big Ramy's support team.  Will James return to Rx Muscle to refute Bader's claims?
John Romano is amped and pissed over the lack of support for Kris Dim, the over abundance of wanna-be gurus, and naked old men who dry their genitalia with the accelerator drier at the gym.
And ASK DAVE returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (10/12/15) 3 Shows Recapped Plus Scott Welch Calls In!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Phoenix Europa Pro, the Nordic Pro,  and the Arkansas Pro.  Should Jose Raymond have won his first Mens Open Pro contest?  How good is William Bonac?  What happened to Cedric McMillan?
Muscle Insider magazine's Scott Welch calls in to talk about the old days, the new days, and the future of our industry. Plus, hear some hysterical Greg Kovacs stories!

Heavy Muscle Radio (10/5/15) Prague Pro Recap Plus UKBFF Champion Sas Heirati!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Prague Pro.  At this moment in time, is Dexter Jackson the most impressive bodybuilder in the world? Is Jose Raymond a better bodybuilder or commentator?
John Romano chimes in on the latest trends in bodybuilding.  And should old men be required to wear underwear?
Later, UKBFF British National Bodybuilding Champion Sas Heirati calls in after stepping off stage.  Find out what earning his IFBB Pro Card means to the new champion?


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