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Heavy Muscle Radio (6/3/13) Inspirational Story Of Chris Jalali plus Toronto Pro Recap!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


Dave and Chris recap the IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow and discuss what they feel about Victor Martinez latest comeback victory.
Aaron Singerman joins the fun to talk about the upcoming NPC Rx Muscle Classic and Bros vs Pros 16 weekend. Plus an extended Ask Dave segment!
Our guest of the week, Chris Jalali reveals what it was like going from bodybuilding champion and magazine cover model to the verge of death.  Find out how he overcame the greatest challenge of his life.




Heavy Muscle Radio (5/27/13) Dave & Chris Go Live Hours After The NY Pro!




ith Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


RxMuscle makes history once again. Hours after the conclusion of the IFBB NY Pro, Dave and Chris go in to the Rx Studios and disccus everything that went down in the show! Over 500 plus watched this show LIVE on our webpage. Dave and Chris also take LIVE CALLS while on air! History was mande and  here it is! In case you missed it. Video and Radio Simultaniously! On behalf of everybody that works in RxMuscle, we thank you for being part of this.


Heavy Muscle Radio (5/20/13) IFBB Pro Aaron Clark Talks About His Pro Debut



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


IFBB Pro Aaron Clark calls in to talk about his pro debut at the IFBB New York Pro. Will Clark drop down to the 212lb class? Find out the answer tonight!
Dave and Chris handicap and make their predictions for the upcoming New York Pro; plus the quote of the week!
And finally, Editor-in-Chief Aaron Singerman drops in to recap the NPC Jr USA. And don't miss another installment of Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo!





Heavy Muscle Radio (5/15/13) IFBB Figure Pro Hazal Nelson's amazing story! Plus The Return of Ask Dave!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


Dave and Chris explain why its important to live in the NOW; not in the haunting past or the unknown future. Plus, a recap of the IFBB Optimum Womens Physique Pro and the IFBB Powerhouse Gym Pro.
Editor-in-Chief Aaron Singerman joins the party with his full report from Shreveport, Louisiana. Plus, the return of Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo!

Our guest of the week, IFBB Figure Pro Hazal Nelson, discusses her brain tumor surgery and how she dealt with the greatest challenge of her life.  You'll be inspired by the courage she displayed in the face of death. 

 Don't miss it!





Heavy Muscle Radio (5/6/13) All this weeks coverage of 7 shows! Plus the Aceto vs Ray saga continues!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


Dave and Chris recap Super Saturday where Rx Muscle covered 7 contests in one weekend.  Did Piotrkowicz deseve to win his first IFBB Pro show in Spain?  What happened to the X-man?  Who won the 31st Annual NPC Emerald Cup and who emerged as the Bros vs Pros 15 champions?


Later, Aaron Singerman calls in and breaks down all the action from the NPC Jay Cutler and NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic.  And find out what Roman Fritz is up to now!


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