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Heavy Muscle Radio (1/27/14):LA Fit Expo Weekend Recap Plus Ask Dave & More!


Aceto and Palumbo talk about the LA Fit Expo Weekend.  The Incredible Lou Ferrigno's big announcement.  Shawn Rhoden's new contract.  And what former Golds Gym Venice owner mysteriously showed up at the exact same time as Dave?
Plus, extended ASK DAVE? segment along with the Quote of the Week and Science Update!

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/20/14): Troy Alves calls in to talk about his recent retirement plus upcoming shows!


Aceto and Palumbo discuss the upcoming LA Fit Expo, the IFBB Australian Grand Prix lineup, and the new Google Contact lenses.  Which will change the scope of bodybuilding more?
IFBB Pro Troy Alves calls in to talk about his recent retirement announcement.  What made him decide to call it quits after 20 years, and what can we expect from Alves in the future!

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/13/14): Bros vs Pros 19 Recap And Bodybuilders Retiring!


Aceto and Palumbo recap Bros vs Pros 19: Macau, China. Who won?What new records were set in Asia?

And, find out if Dave found the mythical "Red Arowana" fish in Hong Kong.

Plus, find out what two IFBB Pro Bodybuilders retired.

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/6/14): 9 Time Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle Uncensored!


Palumbo and Aceto discuss Rx Muscle's upcoming Bros vs Pros 19 in Macau, China.  What can the Rx Muscle community expect to see when Team Rx invades the Asian continent?
Ms Olympia Iris Kyle calls in to talk about her record-breaking 9th Ms Olympia victory!  Find out where you can see Iris every morning from 8am-12!  Also, Kyle reveals whether she'll go for her 10th win in 2014!
Plus, ASK DAVE? and an extended STUMP THE JUMBO that features an unexpected celebrity call-in.

Heavy Muscle Radio (12/30/13): The Most Significant Stories of 2013!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the Most Significant Stories of 2013.  You might be surprised to hear what the dynamic duo has chosen to be #1. And how did Steve Blechman make it into the top 10?

Plus, find out what happened at Ron Noreman's house on Christmas Day!


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