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Heavy Muscle Radio: (10/24/11): Keith Williams and the Sacramento Pro promoter Ted Williamson!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

Top NPC Competitor Keith Williams has an amazing combination of size, shape and symmetry that earned him his second place finish in the Heavyweight Class at the 2011 IFBB North American last month.  Find out his plans to snag that coveted pro card at the upcoming 2011 NPC NATIONALS next month!

The 2011 NPC Sacramento Championships and IFBB Under 212 and Pro Bikini Event is coming up, and contest promoter Ted Williamson gives us a glimpse into the Pro Lineup, as well as what to expect at the show!

Chris Aceto & Dave Palumbo give you insights not only into the world of Bodybuilding competitions, but Dave gives a ringside from from Madison Square Garden in NEW YORK CITY on what went down at the Donaire / Narvaez fight!

Finally, Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman brings in the weekly Ask Dave Q&A segment! 

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Heavy Muscle Radio: (10/17/11): Jack Titone joins Heavy Muscle Radio! Houston Pro Recap & an Extended Dave Segment!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

Is there anything that JACK TITONE doesn't do?  Diet and Prep coach to top IFBB / NPC athletes, contest promoter for shows across the United States, Entrepreneur & Marine, Jack Titone knows how to keep busy!  He takes some time out to chat with Dave Palumbo to give some insight on how he gets it all done!

Chris Aceto & Dave Palumbo give you their Latest and Greatest advice on everything: From Grounding yourself in the comfort of your own home to the new APPLE TV!  These guys can't stop talking!

Finally, Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman brings an extended Ask Dave Q&A segment! 

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Heavy Muscle Radio: (10/10/11): IFBB Pro Abbas Khatami, Angela Kirkland, Tad The Diet Coach! Plus: The Arnold Classic EUROPE & Ft Lauderdale Pro Wrap up!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

Tad The Diet Coach is putting the finishing touches on Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman's diet, prepping him for his next NPC Men's Physique contest. Tad gives a full report on Jewbaccas progress, and hints that Aaron may not be following his protocol as laid out.  Listen in for the details!

IFBB Pro Abbas Khatami joins Dave Palumbo for an update on his lifestyle, along with his girlfriend Angela Kirkland!  Find out what these two are up to tonight!

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto break down what went down this past weekend at the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid Spain!  Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman joins Dave to recap the 2011 Ft. Lauderdale Pro show! 


Heavy Muscle Radio: (10/3/11): Mike O'Hearn! Plus: Dave and Chris preview the Arnold Classic Europe!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

Mike O'Hearn
was known as TITAN on TV's American Gladiators, and has been involved in the bodybuilding & fitness world for decades.  His latest endeavor points him in the direction of the Guinness Book of World Records!  Find out his role in history, only on Heavy Muscle Radio!

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto preview the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe, taking place October 8th - 9th in Madrid, Spain!  With big names like Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman & Victor Martinez in the mix, it could be anyone's show!  Find out who these guys think will emerge victorious!

Finally, don't miss the "GURU Q&A", and the "Ask Dave Q&A Segment"!


Heavy Muscle Radio: (9/26/11): 1983 Mr. Olympia SAMIR BANNOUT! Plus: Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto recap the 2011 Sheru Classic!




HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout stops by Heavy Muscle Radio! He's not happy about something that took place recently, and isn't afraid to speak his mind on the matter! Feelings will be hurt and people will be called out!

The 2011 Sheru Classic took place in Mumbai, India this past weekend! Dave Palumbo & Chris Aceto break down the results! Plus: Chris Aceto gives his thoughts on what transpired in Vegas at the Olympia Contest!


Heavy Muscle Radio: (9/19/11): The 2011 Olympia Recap with Dave Palumbo & Jeff The Producer!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!

The 2011 Olympia is over and IFBB Pro Phil Heath has been crowned the new Mr. Olympia! Dave Palumbo and Jeff The Producer breakdown all of the action from Bodybiulding, Figure, Fitness & Bikini!

The 2011 Olympia Strongman Challenge also took place, and RXMUSCLE Strength Section Editor In Chief Bryan Hidelbrand gives us all of the highlights & Results!

Plus, special apperances by SallyAnne Taylor and Morgan the Videographer!

Finally, Jeff & Dave discuss all the madness that ensued in Vegas!  Don't miss this episode!