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Heavy Muscle Radio (7/8/13) Chicago Pro Recap And Special Guest, New IFBB PRO Saiid Kamara!


Dave and Chris break down this past weekend's IFBB Chicago Pro and NPC Team Universe Championships. Find out who the newest rising stars are!

"Ask Dave?" and "Stump the Jumbo" return. Plus, find out what's new in this crazy world of ours!

Later, NPC Team Universe Men's Overall Champion Saiid Kamara calls in to tell his story. The youngest of 12 children growing up in Africa, he explains how he's made his bodybuilding dreams come true





Heavy Muscle Radio (7/1/13) Lee "Take It To The" Banks, plus Chicago Pro Preview!


Dave and Chris are back with a recap of the Hartford Europa Battle of Champions Weekend.  IFBB Chicago Pro and Team Universe Preview.  Plus, Dave reveals the "Hiccup Historian" and details the most effective cure for this annoying malady.
And, Jacksonville's Lee Banks stops by to talk about his last minute decision to enter the upcoming Chicago Pro and his gameplan to get his first IFBB Pro win.
All this, plus "Ask Dave" and "Stump the Jumbo"!





Heavy Muscle Radio (6/24/13) 1st Time Ever Special Guest Dave Palumbo All Access!

HeavyMuscle06-24-13FCChris and Dave break down the IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Bikini and Men and Women's Physique Pro.  Dave talks about his quadriceps repair surgery plus his chronic case of the hiccups.

Plus don't miss the Exclusive interview with Dave Palumbo! Chris Aceto asks him the tough questions regarding how he created his own Bodybuilding Nirvana





Heavy Muscle Radio (6/17/13) Jr Nationals Recap plus Allen Richards!

HeavyMuscle06-17-13FCDave and Chris Recap the 2013 NPC Jr Nationals Weekend.  Plus the Quote-of-the-Week and Olympia updates.

NPC Jr Nationals Overall Champion Allen Richards calls in to fill us in on how he went from last place in 2010 to 1st in 2013!





Heavy Muscle Radio SPECIAL EDITION ON VIDEO (6/10/13)Team Rx Muscle Recaps the Rx Muscle Classic Weekend!


Dave Palumbo & Chris Aceto host another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio LIVE from Columbia, South Carolina!  The Guru duo along with Aaron Singerman, Bryan Hildebrand & Sally Anne Taylor wrap up the Rx Muscle Classic & Bros V Pros 16 LIVE!  Also included is the top 10 Steve Blechman phrases, Ask Dave & Stump the Jumbo! 

Watch this special edition of Heavy Muscle Radio on VIDEO!