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Heavy Muscle Radio (9/26/16) OFFICIAL 2016 ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE RECAP!

HeavyMuscle09 26 16FC

Palumbo and Aceto wrapup the 2016 Arnold Europe on the eve of Dexter Jackson's record-setting 27th career pro victory.  Was The Blade sharp enough to defeat the gargantuan Big Ramy?  Did William Bonac's stock sore through the roof on his 3rd place finish (ahead of Mr Olympia runner-up Shawn Rhoden)?  Find out all the gossip and excitement from this past weekend.


Heavy Muscle Radio (9/19/16) OFFICIAL 2016 MR.OLYMPIA RECAP!

HeavyMuscle09 19 16FC

Palumbo and Aceto recap the Olympia 2016 Weekend.  Did Phil Heath deserve victory number 6?  Who was the darkhorse competitor in this year's lineup?  How did Big Ramy fair in comparison to years past?  And which Rookie rose to the top and made the biggest impression
Plus, The Rock makes big announcement, a new Classic Mr Olympia is crowned for the first time, and 1983 Mr Olympia Samir Bannout translates George Farah's voicemail message he left for Big Ramy (in Arabic).


Heavy Muscle Radio (9/12/16) OFFICIAL 2016 MR.OLYMPIA PREVIEW!

HeavyMuscle09 12 16FC

Palumbo and Aceto preview the upcoming 2016 Olympia. Can Kevin Levrone pull off the upset?

Plus, why wasn't 10x Ms Olympia Iris Kyle competing in this past weekends IFBB Rising Phoenix World Championships?



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