Muscle Girls Inc (12/21/12): MAC Strength plus IFBB Figure Pro Michelle Beck!!!



 Another episode of the industry's highest rated Female Driven Fitness radio show is up and ready for download!  IFBB Pros Cristina Liberatore and Dianna Dahlgren discuss who's the mew face of  MAC Make-up's new Strength Collection.  The girls also talk about the Arnold Line-up - who's in and who's sitting out.  Plus they answer a listener's tweet about how to do a healthy transition from contest prep to off season - to avoid a poor or even dangerous rebound.  

PLUS IFBB Figure Pro Michelle Beck stops by and chats with Cristina about her impressive and unique job - involving buying parts for the military's most powerful Fighter Jets!  Also what it's like to balance that kind of job with a husband's opposite schedule along with a contest prep diet!   Michelle explains what has kept her motivated during the tougher competitions and when she plans to step on stage again...this time as a ProDebut!

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