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Spotlight On: NPC Bikini Katie James
Spotlight On:  NPC Bikini Katie James

About 5 years ago I was in a very unhealthy relationship. I couldn't control anything or help the person I was with. For some reaso [ ... ]

Jess Frano - Following Her Passion
Jess Frano - Following Her Passion

It’s never to late to start something new. It way sound a bit cliché and trite, but it’s the truth. In the modern economy, tho [ ... ]



Rx Girl

We All Love Sassy 69!

20070727-643S0376Welcome to yet another look at the ‘mind behind the muscle’ of our favorite bodybuilders and forum members. This time around it is the turn of popular forum member ‘Sassy 69’ who has built up quite a reputation as being the ‘go to’ person when it comes to giving out great advice on many forums over the years. So what better place to begin than by discussing her rock star status in the world of muscle forums….


Bev Francis. . . Pioneer of Power!

bev_francis1In my last ‘Time Capsule' interview I featured an article I did with Bev Francis revolving around the 1987 Ms Olympia. That same year I also did an interview with Bev which covered her time in power lifting and her switch to the sport of bodybuilding. So, without further ado, here is my interview from ‘Strength Athlete' magazine in its entirety...


Who's Leigh Penman?

leigh_penman_big2Leigh, you've been writing for bodybuilding magazines, websites and nutritional supplement companies since 1985. You've basically followed the sport and brought it to the world through your writing for over 2 decades. What is your take on the way the sport has progressed through the years? At what point in time and in light of what major occurrence did you foresee the sport going down a road that would ultimately lead to its demise?


Oksana Grishina: Rhythm in Motion!

DSC_2832A former competitive gymnast, Oksana began training when she was 8 years old. She became an IFBB Fitness Pro in 2006 at the IFBB World Amateur Championships. When I attempted to interview her by phone, she asked if I would mind doing it by email. She is studying the English language right now and didn't feel that her English was good enough to participate in a lengthy interview. So, the following is an edited version of my questions and her answers.


The Fire in Andrea Wanek

photo5Nestled near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is one of the premier Hardcore Gyms in the country: Armbrust Pro Gym.  And when entering this Rocky Mountain haven of Iron you may notice one young lady training as hard and heavy as any man there.  Andrea Wanek is one of those staple members that you see every day and might just overlook, until you see her training.  It doesn't hurt that she's preparing for the 2009 NPC Jr Nationals on June 19th in Chicago.  Her trainings style, soled physique andpropensity to pull heavy-ass weight makes her stand out.


Nola Trimble: From Figure to Bodybuilding!

IMG_0164While we spoke on the telephone, I had to be prepared at any given moment for Nola Trimble to hang up on me. No, not because I was offensive to her; it's because she could be called at any moment to respond to an emergency fire.  I'm talking about a real fire!  Nola's a firefighter, and she's pretty hot in all her work gear, too!  What follows in her exclusive interview and smokin' hot photos!




Bleck Rocks!

brianherring 074TP: Tell us  about yourself Sheila. What do you do for a living? Where do you live and how long have you been competing?

SB: Well after about 13 yrs of being a hard laborer, it seemed life sort of forced me to go on my own. Which was fine for I needed to be confident within my bodybuilding career-- to learn, to be on my own, to build business relationships in which that learning never stops. For now, it's internet business; I do work for Eric Davis of HARD CULTURE. It's a clothing line that I do  a lot of the fitness designs.  I'm also a spokesmodel at trade shows as well as one of his main clothing models.


Time Capsule Interview with Bev Francis circa 1987!

BevNow that we are well into the 2009 contest schedule, I thought it would be interesting to travel back in time to the year 1987 when I interviewed Bev Francis following that year's Ms Olympia contest. This contest turned out to be very challenging for Bev; however, being a true champion, she  not only meet the challenge head on, she went on to place a very respectable third in a great lineup.  Here's her story, which begins with a look at her preparation for that year's show....


Everyone Loves Kat Ramirez!

Kat-08 EASTERNSKatherynne "Kitty Kat" Ramirez is one slippery kitty! Turns out my 5'7", 130 lb, Dominican friend is not just a sexy, fiery girl with a sense of humor, but she's bright and talented, too. Every time we tried to talk she was busy with her job at the Department of Buildings as an Enforcement Assistant in New York City. She sends inspectors into the field, reads their violations, and sends the violations to the courts. In fact, she's on call 24 hours a day. Last year when there was a tornado in Queens (yeah, I didn't know about that either) she worked for three days straight without a day off.



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