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Spotlight On: NPC Bikini Katie James
Spotlight On:  NPC Bikini Katie James

About 5 years ago I was in a very unhealthy relationship. I couldn't control anything or help the person I was with. For some reaso [ ... ]

Jess Frano - Following Her Passion
Jess Frano - Following Her Passion

It’s never to late to start something new. It way sound a bit cliché and trite, but it’s the truth. In the modern economy, tho [ ... ]



Rx Girl


Approach any woman trainer in the throes of PMS and casually inform her that she has a natural hormone advantage over her fellow male trainers and I guarantee you the response will not be pretty. The simple fact is that Pre Menstrual Syndrome can seriously mess with your state of mind causing mood swings, irritability and even tearfulness for no apparent reason.


However, what if I was to tell you that you could actually use your hormones to your advantage when it comes to both your diet and your training… Interested?

Then read on…. 


The Complete Package: NPC Bikini Athlete Vanessa Campbell

IMG_1521With the fast rise in popularity of the NPC Bikini Division, there seems to be certain attributes that the top competitors have in common.  All of these top women have well conditioned physiques that certainly say "yes I train and I take my training seriously," a poise about them on the stage that screams charisma and beauty and an all around attractive package that you would see on the cover of any national fitness magazine.

All of these three key ingredients can be found in Florida NPC Bikini Athlete Vanessa Campbell.  This drop dead gorgeous Puerto Rican athlete and Mother of two grew up in New Jersey.  She has only competed in two NPC events and she already has two overall Bikini victories. Vanessa possesses that rare quality of model diversity.  She is a wonderful active wear model, a gorgeous portrait subject and can simply turn a light switch on and become a very sexy polished and classy lingerie model. This diversity matches her personality which is always fun, upbeat, motivating and real.


Right At Home On The Bikini Stage: Rising Star Jessica Jessie

DSC_0081The NPC Bikini Division is becoming more and more fierce as models turned NPC Bikini Athletes have spent the last year in the gyms around the country creating the look that the judges are rewarding.  The competition is heating up and all of us who follow the sport are now seeing that the NPC Bikini Division is becoming an audience favorite.  It's hard not to like cover girl beauty, fit bodies and charismatic presentation all rolled up into one hot package.




Extreme Leg Training with Zoa Linsey!

DSC_9497"Visualize yourself hiking up a mountain...you've hiked for 45 mins and you are almost there. Would you stop 5 steps before the top of the mountain? NO!"

I love that quote from this interview with Ms Olympia contender, Zoa Linsey because it sums up what leg training HAS to be all about. It has to be taken beyond the comfort zone and into the pain zone. It HAS to be extreme and no one can accuse Zoa of cruising through a leg workout with a "let's get this done and get out of here" attitude. The legs you see in these pics are a result of hard work and extreme training....how extreme?


Larissa Reis. . . The Girl with the Midas Touch!

DSC_9543Ever since she first stepped on the competition stage way back in 2005 it seems that figure competitor Larissa Reis was destined to become one of the sport's most notable athletes. Running away with first place in that debut performance only served to re affirm the fact that she was ‘going places'.

Her relocation to the USA has led to more triumphs both on and off stage. Having recently signed a sponsorship deal with NUTREX and with more contests and possible movie appearances on the horizon it seems that this girl really does have the Midas touch.


Debbie Bramwell. . . The Power and the Passion!

Deb6With this year's IFBB New York Pro just days away I thought it was time I finally caught up with one of the sports favorite female bodybuilders, Debbie Bramwell. Currently on view In the Iron Asylum , Debbie has made significant improvements to her physique since the last time we saw her on stage and conventional wisdom says she should place very highly come May 8th.  While I will leave the predictions to the more qualified experts, I will dare to say that, in my humble opinion, Debbie will crack the top 5!




The Many Competitive Branches of Brandi Leaf!

RxPic4I've known Brandi Leaf since she was barely 18 years old. She always hung her head down and walked behind her boyfriend. She was quiet, shy, and had no idea how beautiful she was. She fell into the shadows of her beauty pageant older sister and her super-confident bodybuilding boyfriend. People always commented on her natural beauty and "cute figure" while she was the front-desk girl at the gym. Her experiences in figure, fitness, bodybuilding and now bikini, has given her more confidence and some terrific insights that she's chosen to share, exclusively, with Rx Muscle!



Marika Johansson. . . The Viking Queen!

DSC_5067Swedish Siren, Marika Johansson may have been absent from the competition stage for a while but she has been far from absent from the bodybuilding scene. The wife of bodybuilding.com editor Kris Gethin, Marika has been working on projects for the site and attending to her growing list of personal training clients. Currently considering a return to competition I decided it was time to take a closer look at this bodybuilding Amazon and find out what drew her into the sport, how she met Kris, and exactly what her plans for the future are....


Elise Firestone. . . Fanning the Flames of Possibility!

3183_88604396802_528821802_2510142_6228273_nMany of you reading this will be very familiar with the name Elise Firestone as she is fast becoming known as one of our sport's leading entrepreneurs.

From her days as a competitive dancer and her work as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor through to her competitive career in both figure and bikini, Elise has always brought a strong and burning ambition to her pursuits.

Possessing a gift for turning her passions into professions, Elise is now carving out quite a name for herself as a make-up artist and stylist on the competition circuit.


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