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Spotlight On: NPC Bikini Katie James
Spotlight On:  NPC Bikini Katie James

About 5 years ago I was in a very unhealthy relationship. I couldn't control anything or help the person I was with. For some reaso [ ... ]

Jess Frano - Following Her Passion
Jess Frano - Following Her Passion

It’s never to late to start something new. It way sound a bit cliché and trite, but it’s the truth. In the modern economy, tho [ ... ]



Rx Girl

Blast the Body Fat – Knockout Style!

What defines ablast competitor in the sport of bodybuilding?

Key words: Lean, full, water levels are low, balance/symmetry and the famous “V-taper”. The V-taper is signature for a lean physique, but sometimes it’s also an indicator of good genetics. Not everyone has a tiny waist, but developing the lats correctly can help make the waist look smaller and create the illusion of one.

Across the board of all the various divisions, you will see that the judges are looking for a theme with those descriptions in mind that remains consistent.




Kristin Poundstone: Baby Journal: Goodbye Sleep… Forever

They say that wpoundstonehen you are pregnant there is a reason you don’t sleep, it’s the “baby” getting you ready for what’s to come. I don’t know if it’s that or the fact that I just can’t find a comfortable position to get in with this huge belly in my way! I feel the most comfort lying on my back, and guess what? That is the one position your doctor and all the baby books tell you is forbidden.

Apparently the pressure of your uterus can press on some important nerves and you can end up hurting yourself or the baby. So onto my side I go. I would never have made it this far without my snoogle. I like to call it anaconda. It’s a long body pillow shaped like a candy cane on both ends. You would think my husband would despise it, since it is putting a barrier between the two of us. But no, there are times when I wake up trying to readjust my position and there he is, all snuggled up to my snoogle. 
I can’t help but smile, and then rip it out of his arms and go back to my side! Whatever the reason pregnant women can’t sleep, it just plain sucks. This is why I decided to write this article at 4 a.m. I’m up anyway. Oh, and I had to pee for the fourth time tonight.



Are you Being Coached Properly?

This articlcoache is very near and dear to my heart and is coming from pure experience and also emails from other competitors sharing their stores with me. And as they have reached out to me I have tried to help every single one of them or at least point them in the correct direction and putting them in good safe hands.

I will go over warning signs or red flags that you could be headed in a very dangerous direction with a coach. I will also talk about what a good coach will do for you. I plan on sharing as much information as I can to help fellow competitors and save as many people as possible from people who should not be coaching in the first place.



RX Girl Exclusive Interview With IFBB Pro Eva Pogacnik

zoranaPlease Eva, introduce yourself in a few sentences for the Rx Muscle readers.

My name is Eva Pogacnik and I’m an IFBB Pro Woman’s Physique competitor working as a personal trainer, nutritional and supplementation adviser. I would describe myself like stubborn, mind oriented, focused, friendly, honest, curious and funny. I love fitness and sport lifestyle. My great interests are healthy cooking, motor biking, downhill biking. I could say, at the same time: I enjoy discipline but also having fun and relax with close friends, traveling, studying about nutrition, training and health. The most of all I like feeling on the stage and I like to win!



Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Lacey Dunn

lacey-dunnSpotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Lacey Dunn 

Peachtree City, Georgia



Sleep is Key to Your Success:You Snooze You Lose?

Yosleepslideu’ve been dedicated to your training and nutrition plan for months – logging hours in the gym each week and prepping all your meals. You’ve checked off all the boxes to be successful, right? Maybe not. You might be overlooking one key factor in your plan: sleep.

The work performed during training puts stress on the body, tearing muscle fibers and draining cells of their energy stores. Positive changes such as growth and recovery happen when you rest, and the only time your body is completely at rest is when you sleep. There are a number of ways sleep impacts your body, all of which are highly important to those working towards fitness goals. Read on to learn more, and get ready to tuck yourself in for gains.




Spotlight On NPC Bikini Competitor: Sara Goergen


Category yosarau compete in: NPC Bikini
Date of birth: 3/29/1983
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Career: fashion Consultant


Competition history: 
• 2013 Circle City Classics, Indianapolis
• 2014 Indiana All Natural, Indianapolis
• 2014 Mike Francois, Ohio


The Ruthless Report 22: Bods to Keep an Eye On—and Catching Up With Colette


The months of April and May broughrutht an astonishingly fine set of champs and almost champs in the women's physique sports. With shows in multiple cities almost every weekend, it's sometimes tough to remember last week's golden girl or promising newcomer. Here are a few who caught my eye this spring from the hundreds of promising contenders who hit the stage. See if you don't agree that they're worth keeping on your radar as the 2014 Olympia season rolls on.



4 Steps to Faster Muscle Recovery after Workouts

recov4 Steps to Faster Muscle Recovery after Workouts


You know that feeling. The feeling you get after pushing yourself at the gym, when your muscles ache and you have trouble getting up the stairs, and you’re cursing your instructor. It’s actually a sign of your body screaming that it needs time to recover.

The recovery period after a workout is the time when your body rebuilds its muscles. Even seasoned workout enthusiasts experience muscle soreness and need time to reenergize their muscles. But sometimes your muscles don’t recover as fast as you would like them to. Here are four proven steps to faster muscle recovery that will help you get back in the gym stronger and feeling more refreshed than ever. 


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