Spotlight on NPC Competitor: Charlene Sollitare


NPC Figure Competitor - Charlene Sollitare

10887984 10205337961345658 436825209 nWhat got you started on the road to health and fitness?

I had been into fitness and sports most of my life, however I had still packed on some weight. While caring for my mother I had forgotten how to care for myself and had really gotten heavy. After my mom had passed away, I wasn't sure if it was grief or not, but I was just not feeling well, my physical showed high cholesterol, BP to name a few. I decided at that moment, I as not going to take any medication I was going to change my life!

What were the first health & fitness changes you made in the beginning?

I signed up with a personal trainer, then started bootcamp classes, then I was introduced to Shakeology and Beachbody!

What were your daily life challenges that you had to overcome?

Chocolate!!!! Junk!!!! Fast Food!!!

What is your favorite non scale victory?

Walking on stage as an NPC Figure Competitor.

What is your favorite exercise or program? 263348 655772454439040 1123796392 n

Body Beast and Bootcamps at my local gym.

Obviously nutrition is very important, what nutritional changes did you make? What has worked the best?

This is still a struggle! I sometimes feel like once a Fatty always a fatty in my head. I took out dairy, gluten and wheat.

Are there any products that have helped you on your journey? 

Beachbody's T25

What is your favorite training music? 

You name it, depends if I'm lifting, running, etc. Anything from country to House music!!!

 Who is your favorite health & fitness role model?

Dana Linn Bailey

How far along are you on your health & fitness journey?

I'll never be finished! However, I started this journey in 2011!969200 655766944439591 1564047035 n

What are you most proud of?

Losing 80lbs and getting on stage.

What are your future goals?

Powerlifting comp, Toughmudder, Mini Triathalon, and possibly another figure competition.

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