Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Jen McDermott

Category you compete in: NPC Figure
Date of birth: 10-04-1979
Hometown: Port Allegany, PA
Career: Learning Technologist

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How does your family respond to your competing? My family has been incredibly supportive; I feel so lucky that they are behind me and support the training and competitions. They also understand when I miss events and that the lifestyle is a bit different than they are used to. It took some time for everyone to fully recognize that it was more than “working out”, but they are really on board and offer a lot of encouragement.

What kind of goals have you set for yourself, short-term and long-term? My short term goals are to do the best that I can at my next show. I’m working harder than I ever have to bring the best that I’m capable of. My long term goals are to again be the best athlete that I can be. I would like to put on some more muscle and work on my lower half a bit more. Always working towards that perfectly sculpted “ass”! I also want to inspire and motivate others in any way that I can. I’ve been so lucky to have the support of my gym fam that I would love to be able to pay it forward.

What's currently on your iPod? Currently I’m listening to a lot of Eminem, Mickey Avalon, Lil Wayne, Tyga, some Nelly Furtado and the Kongos.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the bodybuilding world? I love to participate in Spartan Races; I’m slightly obsessed! I love them because they incorporate obstacles with some running. (I’m not a runner so I say “some”...) There are 3 different kinds and once you participate in all 3 you earn your trifecta. My goal this year is 4 trifectas. I’m also a total foodie. I love baking and cooking; trying new things. I like taking recipes and making them healthy, yet keeping them really tasty!

Do you have a favorite exercise? My favorite exercise right- now is front squats, really low and a lot of reps- these hurt so good! I also really like wide grip pull-ups. These have been a challenge and I like doing them as a warm-up for back.

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Competition history: I participated in the Mid Atlantic Cup Championship in Pittsburgh May 18, 2014.

Next competition: My next show is Nationals on August 29th in Pittsburgh, PA.

Favorite Fitness Tip: When you think you can’t do any more- do 5 more. You can do anything 5 more times- simply Mind over Matter!

Who would you like to thank? I would like to thank my coach - Tammy Patnode. She was and to this day is the missing puzzle piece in my fitness journey. She’s amazing! She makes it so simple- follow the plan, give it all you’ve got and you WILL see results. I also would like to thank my awesome workout partner for his daily push! He doesn’t ever let me have an “easy workout”. We push each other pretty hard having that support is really motivating. And gym fam! They will never know how appreciative I am of their support.


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