IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa Prebyl’s Fit and Fabulous Blog # 21

Blog 21 xmasIFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa Prebyl’s Fit and Fabulous Blog # 21

Christmas is here! Yay! :D I am so excited to have a day off to spend time with family. We always go to my husband’s grandma’s house and watch all the little kids open all of their gifts. As for my husband and I, we kind of break tradition and open our gifts about 4 or 5 days after they are placed under the tree. Lol. We start out with just picking one gift to open and then all of a sudden we have opened them all. Oops! I guess we are impatient and just want to find out what’s in all of the bright colored boxes.

I am actually really glad we opened the gifts early because I can use one of them on Christmas day for my workout. I always am bummed a little when the gym is close, but this year I can have a great workout at home. My husband got me a Sand Bag for working out. It is one of the bags that you can fill with 40lbs of sand and it has 6 handles on it so you can use it while doing many different moves. I can’t wait to use it! :)

Along with some of the gifts he gave me he also treated me to a spa day with a full facial, massage, pedicure and manicure. Ya, he earned some extra points with that one. Also the timing couldn’t have been better because we are leaving for Las Vegas for New Years soon.

As for the gifts I got my husband, I hope he likes them. I purchased him some games for XBox with Kinect. I think he will like the games Wipeout and UFC Training the most. We are avid watchers of Wipeout. Lol..It is so funny. Actually, Iris Kyle, IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder, competed on wipeout. My husband and I were so EXCITED we cheered her on from our living room. GO IRIS!!! The sad thing is the obstacle courses they make are crazy and look really painful when you fall. I wonder how mBlog 21 Bisonany people actually get hurt on that show. :( Probably more then they let the audience know off.

I did have to buy myself a present from Lulumon. I love that store. I am so obsessed with their running crops. They are awesome! However, this time I had to buy some warm-weather gear. I opted for a thick wool undershirt, a heavyweight running shirt, and a head bandana that also covers your ears so they stay warm. I could have purchased a lot more items (so much good stuff), but I want to see what they have at the store in Las Vegas. I feel that the California stores don’t get in the really warm jackets and clothing, so I’m hoping the Las Vegas store has warmer winter wear.

On a different note, we are also trying out the “Eat to Grow” bison burgers and chicken breasts that you order online and they ship it right to your door. How awesome is that! The bison burgers come in packs of two 4oz patties. Which is great, that way we only have to defrost one pack at a time. My husband and I made the burgers last night and he was in heaven. We have a bunch of chicken already cooked so we haven’t tried the delivered chicken breast yet.

I hope all of you travel safe, keeping warm, and have a wonderful Christmas. :D


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