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IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle-Blog #18

Blog 18 Grand OpeningIFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle-Blog #18
Sheeeww! Wow, these past two weeks have been crazy! It has been one thing after another. 
First my hubby and I enjoyed our Halloween with friends at their annual Halloween costume party. We went as Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit. Lol! It was too much fun. I was able to sway these hips and say “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” ;) Needless to say it was a good night. 8-) My poor husband didn’t have the same great  experience since he was in a full bunny costume. He couldn’t see or hear very well in that bunny suit and he was sweating up a storm. I’m pretty sure he was dehydrating in that suit. I should have given him a camel water pack to wear for the night. lol
After Halloween I decided to take my husband to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I went recently so I was able to show him all of the good rides. We even got to get in to the park 5 minutes early and beat the crowd. Sweet-Deal ;) We even were able to go on a few rides I haven’t been on, such as Drop of Doom and Batman. The park was so quiet in the morning we were able to ride the rides back-to-back. It was AWESOME! We also were able to get in our cardio by hiking up the big hill a few times and taking the stairs two at a time ;) I love that place and I was able to show my husband a good time. Our favorite ride of the day was Drop of Doom. Although, X2 and Tatsu were very close to being our #1 rides. We also strategically decided not to go on any of the older rides. They hurt too much, but it is hilarious to watch pBlog 18 Rog-Rabbiteople get off the old rides. Hahaha They are all hunched over grabbing their backs, grunting in pain, and hobbling away. Lol! I’m not being mean. I only find this so funny because I have done the exact same thing. Ouch! I can only imagine what I looked like after my run in with the rollercoasters head rest… my ears where bright red and swollen. Lol! It’s not a good look on anyone.
Finally, last weekend was our business’ Grand Opening. YAY!!! It was a fun day. We had so many new people that came in and they all really liked our shop. We have been working very hard so it was nice to see everyone really enjoying all of the changes and work we have put in to the boutique .  As most of you know we just opened our new tanning salon and boutique. It is a new venture for my husband and I and it never crossed our minds as to how much work it would be to run a business.  Although it may be a lot of work, it is very rewarding and I love the fact that I now get to shop for our salon. Oooohhhh I love to shop, but who doesn’t ;) 
Until next time RX Girls, happy training!

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